need some documentation updates but tickets were closed while I was on leave 3
  • CAS-9538 Perley & Butler 2017 flux density scale -- Bryan Butler
  • CAS-10516 Apply Stokes I mask to all polarizations in tclean as default -- Claire
  • CAS-12168 L1 and outlier rejection implementation -- John Tobin [this is actually closed, needs updated ticket for 5.6 testing but up to George to make it]

Validating Tickets 30

  • Blocker 2
    • CAS-8508 Update default Primary Beam Models for ALMA and VLA -- Kumar Golap (nothing really to test here, testing is on two other VLA and ALMA specific tickets)
    • CAS-13087 Adopt new helper function to sort input list of MSes internally -- Yusuke Miyamoto

  • Critical 5
    • CAS-7831 some model columns for polarizations in plotms appear to be zero when they should not be -- Kumar (CHECK THIS IN TCLEAN IN A 6.2 PRERELEASE AND CLOSE)
    • CAS-8619 Turn im.apparentsens into a CASA task -- Melissa
    • CAS-11460 im.apparentsens to use the regular channel selection syntax -- Melissa
    • CAS-11910 flagdata's rflag with time averaging does not flag data -- Federico Montesino Pouzols
    • CAS-12612 Parallel MODEL writes for specmode='cube' and 'mfs' -- JDM

  • Major 14
    • CAS-8431 plotms phasecenter shift is not working -- Anish (close this when plotms behavior with new phaseshift task works too)
    • CAS-8066 Testing Ticket for Parallel continuum tclean -- Sanjay Bhatnagar (close this once continuum refactor happens)
    • CAS-6215 data averaging in flagdata -- Anish Roshi
    • CAS-8018 plotms should displayed average bin channel number, not bin number -- Andrew 8/11
    • CAS-4885 concat+split creates incorrect FEED subtable entries -- George
    • CAS-8592 simobserve improvements for ALMA Kitchen Sink array, NGLVA, etc -- Andrew
    • CAS-10648 enable spxfit to write history to created images -- Viviana
    • CAS-4291 simobserve should use input rest freq for central channel rather than channel 0 -- Brian Mason
    • CAS-5740 CASA needs equivalent to BLSUM/ISPEC for integrated line flux density -- Jennifer Meyer (needs to go through another round of validation, never finished)
    • CAS-8189 Implementation of non-amnesic clean -- JDM -- this is an alternative to autoboxing, "ready for commissioning"
    • CAS-12294 Agent flagger: reorganize agent list checks and clarify messages -- Jennifer Meyer
    • CAS-11726 Fix plotants for older VLA station format (uvfits from archive) -- Jennifer Meyer
    • CAS-12737 rflag with frequency averaging unflagging data -- Federico Montesino Pouzols
    • CAS-13622 FITS-IDI filler does not always update OBSERVATION table correctly -- Jennifer Meyer

  • Minor 9
    • CAS-8875 importuvfits needs to get ALMA dish diameters right -- Jeremy Thorley
    • CAS-10518 Reenable OpenMP in UVContsubTVI if possible -- Jennifer Meyer
    • CAS-12485 Add options for weighting in fringe fitter least-squares solver -- Des Small
    • CAS-12765 Efficiently combine widely-spaced spectral windows for fringe-fitting -- Jennifer Meyer
    • CAS-11876 tclean segfaults when combining two MOUS datasets -- Takahiro Tsutsumi
    • CAS-13439 Add support for higher-order spectral terms to CASA componentlists -- Josh
    • CAS-13489 Units for UV-domain images from ia.fft() should not be Jy/beam -- Jennifer Meyer
    • CAS-13519 Eliminate deprecated parameters from importasdm, exportasdm, and sdm tool. -- Jennifer Meyer
    • CAS-13463 sdcal() crashes if 'en_US' is not available in the OS locale -- Renaud
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