User Interface:
        Based on Python/Ipython:
                - TAB completion
                - history
                - macros
                - save commands
                - auto parentheses
        Based on UIWG requirements:        
        Parameter setting shell (Python):
                inp 'taskname'  #query values
                parameter=value #set values
                                #note globals
                taskname        #execute task

                save and restore of parameters (autosave of last execution)
                basic parameter checking  (types/menus)
        In-line help (tasks/parameters)
                - startup
                - help tasklist
                - help task_name
                - help par.parameter_name (bandname,robust)

        New viewer
        New tablebrowser
        New logger

        Cookbook (task-based)\ will be consolidated
        Cookbook (tool-based)/
        User Ref Man -- Still in Glish! -- 
        Parameter dictionary

Distribution [32-bit]:
        Mac OSX

Working on:
        Task list priorities
        Parameter review

        Patch cycle of two-weeks on the interface/bug fixes:
        Viewed at:

-- JosephMcMullin - 09 Nov 2006

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