These are instructions on how to build CASA from the sources on a Linux Fedora Core 6 laptop.

1. If relevant, first remove ACS (Alma Common Software) and scisoft ( from the environment, in order to avoid conflicting java and python versions
  • Bash users remove from .bashrc
    • . $HOME/.acs/.bash_profile.acs
    • export PATH=/scisoft/bin:$PATH

2. Get and execute with root privilegdes
  • chmod +x bootstrap.linux
  • ./bootstrap.linux

The script will create the configuration file /etc/yum.repos.d/casa.repo. Just leave /etc/yum.conf as it is.

3. Run
  • yum install casapy-test-devel
If you get these error messages
  • Error: Missing Dependency: qt4-devel is needed by package casapy-test-devel
  • Error: Missing Dependency: qt4-devel is needed by package qwt-devel
  • Error: Missing Dependency: tk = 8.4.13-3.fc6 is needed by package tk-devel
it might help to add to /etc/yum.repos.d/ the following repositories When yum is satisfied, a list is shown of some 28 packages to be installed. Accept that.

4. As non-root get the CASA sources (no svn account required), and run the configuration script ([casadir] is the directory under which CASA is installed, called e.g. casa). There may be messages underway like
  • Warning: /scratch/ALMA/casa/linux_gnu does not exist.
  • /scratch/ALMA/casa/ line 442: avers: command not found
which can be ignored. Answer instead the questions as prompted. You will be asked to edit your .bashrc

and define in [casadir]/linux_gnu/laptop/aipsrc printer*default:    ppblam06 printer*paper:    A4

You will be offered to edit [casadir]/linux_gnu/makedefs. Don't do that; just use the defaults.

You will be asked to edit [casadir]/linux_gnu/laptop/makedefs. Don't do that. Copy instead this file makedefs-fc6 to that location.

Next, the configure script checks whether the definitions in your makedefs are valid. This diagnosis is likely to be outdated, so ignore the list.

5. When install/configure ends, enable the changes you made in .bashrc (e.g. by starting a new terminal window). Then
  • sneeze cumulative -l -m &
and track the build process
  • tail -f ../linux_gnu/sneeze.log=
or find something else to do for next three hours.

Notice that the compilation will not stop on error. When the compilation has finished use
  • grep -E "gmake.*Error.*ignored" linux_gnu/sneeze.log
to see if there were compilation errors. Common build problems include missing external packages.

The sneeze command cleans and rebuilds everything, so on subsequent build attemps you may want to simply
  • make
from [casadir]/code to save some time.

-- JonasLarsen - 19 Aug 2008

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