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How to deal with caltables?

    • How Viscals relate to the MeasurementEquation and visEquations.
    • How to store the viscal into a caltable etc.

How to deal with MS on disk?

  • MS Sorting
    • Am I right that creating a SORTED_TABLE just makes an index and does not thrash the disk?
    • Can we count on all functions to use the index instead of directly reading the MS's contents?
    • When a sort is done, do all axes have to be specified? Does it save any work to leave some out?

  • MS Selection
    • Does this create and use an index like sorting?
    • getAntennaNList(), getBaselineList(), getFieldList(), getSpwList(), getChanList(), getScanList(), and getSubArrayList() all need comments in MSSelection.h. They obviously all return antenna1IDs_p, etc., but reference info is needed on the expected format of each ID list.

  • MS Miscellany
    • Is it more efficient to get a Vector out of a column and work with that instead of using get() and put()? How much?

How to deal with visibilities as loaded in Vis[Set/Buff/Iter/BuffAccum/BuffGroupAccum/Cube]

Dealing with Images

    • should there just be a casa standard that all images must have axes in the 'canonical' order, and stop messing around?
    • do we do everything through wcslib and cfitsio or are there exceptions?

The tangled web that is building CASA

    • What are the right warnings, and why does the overloaded virtual one keep sneaking back? (Wes has answered this during a phone meeting, but I didn't write it down fast enough.)
    • What documentation can be extracted, and what's just a pipe dream?
    • Maybe there should be a reference build for each system, so we can tell when something's gone wrong by diffing.
    • why does Qt perenially refuse to rebuild, and what's the suggested method for kicking its arse?


  • repo
    • how is the data repo / me.observatories / voltage pattern server / other information we may want to add organized and accessed?
    • is there any standard for adding/changing/accessing new such tables?

  • xml
    • the recent email "reminder" from Kumar that you can't really do what you want in the _cmpt file or in the xml file, but have to first do a build that you know will fail, and then copy the _cmpt that is generated from the xml into the real _cmpt and rebuild, is a great example of hidden pitfalls that could be better documented.
    • what's this about not being able to default a variant?
    • is the user going to be able to default individual parameters and/or find out what the defaults are?

  • OO/CASA details
    • Please avoid unnecessary
      • side effects,
      • hidden returns,
      • and references in general (i.e. a reference to an Int is likely bigger than the Int itself.)
    • Is there a quick way to find the def'n of a virtual function?
    • Must all functions be member functions? (Is VisCalGlobals just the exception that proves the rule?) It seems like static member functions are misplaced.
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