How To Get It, How To Build It


The current build system has problems is these areas:

Proposed Solution

For configuration management:

  • The CASASystemGroup will release a binary tarball that includes libraries, headers, and other files that are required to develop casapy from the CASA source code repository. In particular, it will include a release of CASACore.
  • CASASystemGroup will maintain a source-code package-management system that will enable developers to build -- and modify -- any of the pre-requisite packages from source code. (in general, the packages will use autoconf/automake)

For Build Dependency Tracking:

  • The CASASystemGroup will modify the existing CASA makefiles to handle most of the dependency issues.
  • The CASASystemGroup will create additional scripts and makefiles as necessary to handle dependencies between the top-level packages casapy, casacore, and asap.

For more information, see CASAConfigurationManagement and CASABuildDependencyTracking.

-- BoydWaters - 2009-03-09
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