1. Directory Structure

My top-level directory looks like this:

 $ ls
 active/  distro/  scons-1.1.0.d20081207/  scripts/

Does everything else go into the same directory?

     active $ ls
     aipshosts  casacore/  import/     wcslib/
     asap/      casainit.csh  casainit.rc  code/        linux_gnu/

2. Environment

  1. Make sure your previous environment is not stomping on you
  2. Run in your CASAHOME to set your environment properly
  3. Note that some variables are not defined in (and they should be). So run this script: #! /bin/bash casapath=($CASAPATH) export CASAROOT="${casapath[0]}" export CASAARCH="${casapath[0]}/${casapath[1]}" export CASADATA="${casapath[0]}/data" unset casapath


I get a bazillion %PGPLOT, PGPTXT: no graphics device has been selected errors when running gmake check (setup PGPLOT correctly)

gmake check FAILS with a segmentation fault.

gmake check FAILS with undefined reference to 'main' in pgsbox

gmake install works, but make install won't.


scons is not installed in the NRAO default configuration.

We should have a canonical install (CASA) for it.

Tell people that the magic command line is

     python install --prefix=$CASAARCH


Thank God for Kumar's command line:

        /usr/lib64/casapy/bin/python \
      prefix=$CASAARCH \
              extracppflags="\"-DCASA_USECASAPATH -DCASACORE_NEEDS_RETHROW -DAIPS_64B\"" \
                datadir=$CASADATA \
                wcsroot=$CASAARCH \
                cfitsiolibdir=/usr/lib64 \
              cfitsioincdir=/usr/include/cfitsio \
                shared install

(I used -march=nocona as an additional extracppflags)


First, do this:

         bwaters@stuey ~ $ source /usr/lib64/casapy/23.0.6654-001/

Python woes

    /users/bwaters/casa/casa-active/active/code/include/tableplot/TablePlot/CasaPyInterpreter.h:124: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'PyObject' with no type

Problematic Environment variables?


-- BoydWaters - 29 Dec 2008
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