CASA Build System Dependency Tracking

For Build Dependency Tracking:

  • The CASASystemGroup will modify the existing CASA makefiles to handle most of the dependency issues.
  • The CASASystemGroup will create additional scripts and makefiles as necessary to handle dependencies between the top-level packages casapy, casacore, and asap.

Dependencies between CASACore and CASApy

are basically fixed. here are the changes that were made to the build system to implement these improvements

fill in the fixes here

Dependencies within CASAPy

Deleting a .cc File

The build system did not necessarily re-build a library when a developer deleted a .cc file. The build would fail at link time, with a "missing symbols" error.

The fix is to generate a set make dependencies for each library; these rules can be machine-generated.

-- BoydWaters - 2009-03-09
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