As of 28 May 2009,CASA built on 64 bit RHEL is having issues parsing the box input parameter to tasks such as imstat. This is not an issue for CASA built on 32bit RHEL. My task inputs and the associated error are below.

#  imstat :: Displays statistical information from an image or image region

imagename           = 'ngc5921.demo.clean.image' #  Name of the input image

region              =         ''        #  Image Region or name. Use Viewer

box                 = '134,135,134,135' #  Select one or more box regions

chans               =         ''        #  Select the channel(spectral) range

stokes              =         ''        #  Stokes params to image (I,IV,IQU,IQUV)

async               =      False        #  If true the taskname must be started using imstat(...)

CASA <4>: go

--------> go()

Executing:  imstat()

2009-05-28 18:03:41     SEVERE  imstat::regionmanager::wbox     Exception Reported: (coordinates/coordinates/Coordinates/ : 1163) Failed AlwaysAssert xform.nrow()==n && xform.ncolumn()==n

*** Error *** (coordinates/coordinates/Coordinates/ : 1163) Failed AlwaysAssert xform.nrow()==n && xform.ncolumn()==n

**** Error ****  str() takes at most 1 argument (2 given)

-- DaveMehringer - 2009-05-28

See (follow the previous message link to see Ger's workaround(s)) and

According to a blog post numpy 23.7 has 64bit problems and 23.8 does not.

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