CASA-3.2 Planning Targets

The following list describes the planned development for CASA-3.2. The broad themes are:
  • Performance improvements
  • Parallelization
  • Support for refactored calibration tables (removing links between the CalTable and the MS that they are generated from)

NOTE: This list does not yet include the targets for Single Dish development during this cycle.

Highest Priority

  • Flat Noise in Mosaic
  • SysCal/TSys implementation
  • CalTable refactor
  • Iteration in PlotMS
  • Split performance and behavior
  • UVContSub/UVContSub2 unification
  • CVel-Clean gridding unificiation
  • Spectral Cube Issues
  • Filler Improvements
    • Tsys/SysCal/CalDevice implementation
    • Changing SysCal to a binary table
    • Performance improvements in the Filler
  • Add intent to Scan selection
  • Refactoring to allow time dependent primary beam correction
  • Parallel Imaging of Multiple MSs
  • Removal of Model_Data scratch column
  • Double precision gridding
  • Stokes imaging issues
  • MFS w/ nterm > 1
  • Design and implementation of common region support
  • Development of user interface to multiMS
  • Asynchronous IO (performance improvement)
  • Implementation of opacity model

Secondary Priority

  • Mask cleanup in Clean
  • Enhancement and unification of smoothing and interpolation of CalTables
  • New MS Creation as output of ApplyCal
  • Sync function (FFT) gridding
  • Parallel filling of multiple MSs
  • Flagging Improvements
  • Creation of a WideBandFT class
  • Saving of configuration in the viewer
  • Support for CalTables in plotMS

-- JeffKern - 2010-11-22

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