CASA/JIVE VLBI Coordination Meeting

2021 Nov 3 @ 1500UTC


  • Future Meeting dates (usually last Wed of the month):
    • 2021 Nov 17? @ 1500 UTC Technical meeting
    • 2021 Dec 15? @ 1500 UTC Coordination meeting (avoiding holidays)
    • 2022 Jan 26 (or earlier?)

General Admin

  • General Status w.r.t. Coronavirus measures
    • NRAO/ALMA:
      • NRAO in North America now officially fully-vaccinated and "back to work", with masking/SD protocols still in place. ALMA now back to ~near-normal, w/ care.
      • ASTRON (and JIVE) back to work @work, with some (experimental) teleworking continuing.
  • CASA Release Schedule
    • CASA 6.4.0: Released Oct 28.
    • (CASA 6.4.1: pipeline deployment branch pending.
    • (6.4.2 reserved for pipeline flexibility)
    • CASA 6.4.3: ~Jan 2022
    • Release version OS/python matrix
  • (Justin) Stakeholder prioritization
  • Documentation and related
    • (Mark) Collated requirements (2021 July 02) ...status? Mark to finalize on timescale of 6.5 prioritization (Oct 11).
    • (Des/George) Fringefit memo...status? (TBD: George to add some general calibration context)
    • (Justin) VLBA CASA Recipe circulated; comments solicited/receieved
    • (Ilse) CASA VLBI Paper planning
      • Meetings: Oct 5 & Oct 29
  • CASA repo/build logistics
    • (Ryan/George) CASA repo re-org for sunset of CASA 5 (CAS-13461)
      • Seems to have occurred with minimal pain... (?)
      • remember to migrate c++ tests as needed.
    • Building c++ unit tests in CASA 6 from Darrell (CAS-13461) (still some issues with google tests?)
    • VLBI Integration Branch: CAS-13295 (deprecated, post repo re-org?)
    • casa6 build instructions via vmware (from Ville)
  • Misc. Admin
    • (Ryan) Revised CASA Management Plan (2021 August 30)
    • (Ryan) Recruitment process for new VLBI developer underway
      • Interviews proceeding....
  • (Ryan) CNGI/ngCASA Status?
    • Demo 'release' of prototype package. CNGI info on casa webpage.
    • FYI: CNGI Development instructions
    • Some casa6 development to be considered using new technologies ("CNGI tech transition"), if adequately isolate-able.
      • (Ryan) Anything to report from Sep 30 meeting?
  • Meetings/workshops of relevance
    • CASA Users Committee: Oct 11-14, including VLBI summary
      • CUC continues to support and applaud VLBI-related work. Interested in a "VLBI/CASA the form of a tutorial". Also interested in plotting cumulative calibration....
    • ADASS: Oct 24-28
    • ?
  • Other admin?
    • ?


  • CASA 6.3+6.4 prioritization complete
  • Ongoing maintenance/development CASA 6.3/6.4 JIRA (VLBI) Status
    • Finished:
      • (Des, CAS-13224) memory management improvements in fringefit. Merged to 6.4.0.
      • (George, CAS-12735; 12765,12553; 12954,10276) Frequency meta-info Merged to 6.4.0.
        • CAS-13623 (Des, fringefit specifics) merged to 6.4.0
        • CAS-12765,12553? (anything to do?)
    • Ongoing for 6.4.3
      • (Mark, CAS-13622) FITS-IDI filler does not always update OBSERVATION table correctly (6.4.3)
        • PR pending...
      • (Mark, ticket?) Dysco ("lossy" compression of MeasurementSets) (6.4.3)
        • Integrated in casacore now; needs one-line diff in CASA to enable (PR-ready?)
      • (Mark, CAS-13266) Per-scan interpolation via overloading per-obs mechanism. (6.4.1)
        • (George) Semantics of "Time Segment" granularity to be generalized by George, to avoid internal confusions.
      • (Des, CAS-13361) Polarization combination for fringefit.
        • Des/George converging on approach via a TVI layer (cf frequency averaging)
      • (Des, CAS-13056) Overlapping solution intervals
        • Initial implementation awaiting review by George
      • (Mark, CAS-13003). EOP update (6.4).
        • Investigating using almacalc with Python interface.
    • Other/Miscellaneous
      • (George/Justin) CASR-463 (TEC) Need to follow-up on Justin's initial testing, which indicated edge (near-horizon) effects, spurious but cosmetic VLA-specificity, scientific differences in details? (Also some MeerKAT testing, via Bietenholz?)
      • (George, CAS-13287) AveragingTvi2 problems for certain conditions; under separate investigation (cf CAS-13466)
      • CAS-12485: OTF weight munging for solve (Can we complete validation and deploy? Des seeking interested users at JIVE)


  • ?

-- GeorgeMoellenbrock - 2021-11-01
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