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CASA/JIVE VLBI Coordination Meeting

Attendance: George, Des, Ilse, Ryan, Des, Justin, Neal

2021 Jul 7 @ 1400UTC


  • Future Meeting dates (usually last Wed of the month):
    • 2021 Aug 25 @ 1400 UTC
    • 2021 Sep 29
    • 2021 Oct 27

General Admin

  • General Status w.r.t. Coronavirus measures
    • NRAO/ALMA:
      • NRAO in North America rapidly accelerating back-to-work@work! Full vaccination required by Sep 1. Some substantial resistance to vaccination at VLA site may disrupt operations in September.
      • ALMA entering "Baseline Science Operations" as of July 8, w/ 120 people on-site at OSF/AOS.
      • Science/computing staff continuing work-at-home for now; vaccinations and openings accelerating.
  • CASA Release Schedule
    • CASA 6.3: "Bug-fix" release in test/validation
      • Tickets must be in test ASAP.
    • (CASA 6.2.1: ALMA-specific (PL) bug-fixes ~August)
    • CASA 6.3.1: Long-lived integration branch for pipelines
    • CASA 6.4: ~End of year
      • Rolling 6.4.x minor releases to follow ~monthly, to maintain development momentum and distribute testing effort over time.
    • Release version OS/python matrix (from Ryan)
  • Requirements collation: 2020 May 07 document / VLBA Costing/Prioritization (2020 May 21)
    • (Mark) Updated requirements document (2021 July 02)
      • Comments to Mark by end-of-day July 15, at which time we'll consider it complete and up-to-date, and publish it on main CASA/JIVE page (and possibly on CASA confluence?)
    • (George) Need to coordinate with Jen/Justin better....
  • (Ryan) CNGI/ngCASA Status?
    • Demo 'release' of prototype package status?
      • (Ryan) Delayed by managing a very large dataset for benchmarking, also cluster upgrade, more recent hardware and A/C failures, etc. Initial, partially-resourced benchmarks looking good: cf casa6, half the time with only half the cores. Fully-resourced benchmark pending full restoration of computing infrastructure in CV.
      • (Mark) Anything to report in VLBI context? nothing for now
    • FYI: CNGI Development instructions
  • Other Admin
    • (Des) fringefit memo complete? Des will incorporate previously-gathered comments, then to George to add some general calibration context information.
    • (Ryan) Revised CASA Management Plan status? restoring val lead, formalize (casa?) helpdesk support (for rolling releases, esp),
    • casa6 build instructions via vmware (from Ville)
    • (Ryan) Funding for new VLBA-specific developer at NRAO approved in recent FY2022 budget negotiations. Recruitment process to start soon.
    • (Justin) Working on basic VLBA cal in casa, corresponding doc in progress. Justin will seed advice from CASA VLBI staff as needed.
  • Meetings/workshops of relevance
    • EVN Symposium 2021 July 12-14.
  • VLBI Integration Branch: CAS-13295
  • Other?


  • CASA 6.3+6.4 prioritization complete
  • Ongoing maintenance/development CASA 6.3/6.4 JIRA (VLBI) Status
    • Nearly ready for validation/merge-to-master for 6.3 (waiting for 5.8/6.2 branching)
      • (Des, CAS-13224?) memory management improvements in fringefit. (Validating; already essentially validated by Janssen? Need this confirmation, then PR.)
      • (Mark, CAS-13270) Handle NaNs in imported Tsys. Merged.
      • (Mark, CAS-8550) Pulsar-binned and single-IF import. Merged (CAS-13442)
      • (Mark, CAS-13383) Mixed polarization basis conversion for JIVE. Merged.
    • Ongoing for 6.3+6.4
      • (George, CAS-12735; 12765,12553; 12954,10276) Frequency meta-info (finalizing commits for 6.3)
      • (Mark, CAS-13266) Per-scan interpolation via overloading per-obs mechanism.
        • Code review has uncovered a few (minor?) issues; will try to finalize this week.
          • (Mark) MSMetaData operation removed from Obs/Scan loop avoid unnecessary performance hit
          • (Mark/George) Semantics of "Time Segment" granularity to be generalized by George, to avoid internal confusions.
      • (Mark, CAS-13466) AveragingTvi2 preavg opt-out for fringefit: Validated, ready for PR.
        • (CAS-13287 chunking error in AveragingTvi2 for certain conditions; under separate investigation)
      • (Neal, CAS-13005) Handle refant exhaustion better. Validated, awaiting PR.
      • (Mark, CAS-13473) (new) Permit smoothcal for accor solutions: Merged.
      • (Des, CAS-13056) Overlapping solution intervals (defer to 6.3.1/6.4...)
        • Initial implementation awaiting review by George
    • Underway for 6.3+6.4
      • (Des, CAS-13361) Polarization combination for fringefit. (defer to 6.3.1/6.4...)
        • No code to review yet. Des/George converging on approach via a TVI layer (cf frequency averaging)
      • (Mark, CAS-13003). EOP update (6.4).
        • Investigating using almacalc with Python interface.
    • Other/Miscellaneous
      • (Mark/Des) Using external storage managers (DysCo) with CASA 6. (Offringa). Prospects for adding to casacore?
        • Andre Offringa is planning to merge this into casacore. (Similar to lazy fill of ASDM)
      • CAS-12485: OTF weight munging for solve (Can we complete validation and deploy? Des seeking interested users at JIVE)
      • (George/Justin) to coordinate initial testing on CASR-463 (TEC) to better characterize basic requirements (also CAS-13040 re TEC retrieval changes)


  • n/a

-- GeorgeMoellenbrock - 2021-07-07
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