CASA/JIVE VLBI Coordination Meeting

2021 Jan 20 @ 1500UTC


  • Future Meeting dates (usually last Wed of the month):
    • 2021 Feb 24 @ 1500 UTC
    • 2021 Mar 31?

General Admin

  • General Status w.r.t. Coronavirus measures
    • NRAO/ALMA:
      • NRAO in North America will continue to work@home for foreseeable future (well into 2021). Infections rates high, but stabilizing(?) in US; vaccinations have started.
      • ALMA progressing with array restart plans; first test observation last week?
      • Science/computing staff continuing work-at-home for now
  • CASA Release Schedule
    • CASA 6.1.1 for ALMA PL being exercised; working on a subtle repeatability issue (CAS-13283)
    • CASA 6.1.2/5.7.2 w/ polcal and tec fixes (VLASS, ALMA) released 2020Dec17.
    • CASA 5.8/6.2: Development wrapping up.
      • Except for a few critical blocker tickets, everything should be through verification/validation by end of January. Release by end of February.
      • VLBI-specific tickets reviewed below...
  • Requirements collation: 2020 May 07 document / VLBA Costing/Prioritization (2020 May 21)
    • (Justin) CASA 5.9/6.3 Stakeholder requirements submitted 2020 Jan 8?
  • (Ryan) CNGI/ngCASA Status:
    • Anything to report?
    • FYI: CNGI Development instructions
    • (Mark) EHT SDC working group is interested in hearing about ngCASA (next meeting Jan 28 1400 UT)
  • Admin issues
    • CASA Docs now hosted on readthedocs platform:
      • Need github ids to provide edit permissions
    • DIY casa5 tarball build instructions can be found here
    • casa6 build issues: formal instructions for plotms, CASAshell, casa5/6 co-exist, c++ unit tests in casa6.
  • Meetings/workshops of relevance
  • Other admin?
    • (Mark/Des) Created new "VLBI integration" branch


  • CASA 5.8/6.2:
    • JIRA (VLBI) Status
      • Notables:
      • (George) CAS-12735: Frequency meta-info (includes generalized fix for CAS-12553, and several other bug tickets)
        • Progress continues....
      • (Des) CAS-12765 (wide-spaced spws): waiting for freq meta fix in CAS-12735
      • (Neal) CAS-13184): accor corrdepflags.
        • Validation (Janssen) complete
        • some final tweaks to accor.xml?
      • (Mark) CAS-8537: gain curve. Now in validation. Need to ping Jen.
        • Validation complete (Mark)
        • Some final tweaks to align tests in casa5 and casa6?
      • (Neal) CAS-12736 (revised accor test)
        • Merge pending?
      • (Mark) CAS-12989 (eMerlin crosshands) Validation complete (Anita Richards). Need hard-to-get eMerlin dataset for proper verification test....
      • (Pam Harris) CAS-11318: Fringe-fitting solution plotting has been implemented in plotms!
        • Actually, dispersive term still needed to be added...
        • Pam and Des seem to have converged?
      • (CAS-13056, CAS-13003, and possibly CAS-13005 to slip to next cycle)
  • CASA 6.3 prioritization
    • (Justin) CASA 5.9/6.3 Stakeholder requirements submitted 2020 Jan 8 (?)
  • Other development topics
    • (Des) Memory leak in fringe-fitter? (from big EHT case by Janssen). Apparently not a leak, just a large memory case? Des continuing investigation (CAS-13224)
    • (Mark) AveragingTvi2 and FringeFitting CAS-13287
      • Meta-data problems when preavg < solint? nRows(!) in VB2 is wrong when baseline (antenna) population varies within solint
    • (Des) NaNs in imported Tsys. *CAS-13270. (easy fix; defer to 5.9/6.3?)
    • CAS-12485: OTF weight munging for solve (Can we complete validation and deploy? Des seeking interested users at JIVE)
    • (Mark) VLBA pulsar binned data.... requires casacore fix to importfitsidi (PR pending, CAS-8550). will be merged via gaincurve casacore changes
    • (Mark) Generalized polarization basis conversion
    • (George/Justin) to coordinate initial testing on CASR-463 (TEC) to better characterize basic requirements (also CAS-13040 re TEC retrieval changes)


  • ?

-- GeorgeMoellenbrock - 2021-01-20
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