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CASA/JIVE VLBI Coordination Meeting

2019 September 25 @ 1400UTC

Attendance: George, Justin, Ryan, Mark, Ilse


  • Future Meeting dates (usually last Wed of the month):
    • NEXT Meeting: 2019 Oct 30, 1400 UTC (beware daylight savings in Europe!)
    • 2019 Nov 27? (Will probably revise due to Thanksgiving, vacations, etc.)

General Admin

  • CASA 5.6.0 released 2019 Aug 08
    • CASA 6.0 pending
    • CASA 5.6.1 (ALMA pipeline) delivered to JAO (public release TBD)
    • CASA 5.6.2 (VLASS) pending
  • EHT-related article planned for next newsletter, ~October
    • Contribution from Michael Janssen, via Ilse; coordinated by Bjorn
  • CASA User Committee (Oct 3-4): VLBI presentation CONTENT (George to provide draft slides by Sep 27):
    • CASA VLBI Status (admin)
    • Development progress, ongoing work, requirements doc/todo list
    • New VLBA staff
    • Contribution to EHT
  • George at JIVE (Oct 11,14-16) TOPICS:
    • CAS-665: corr-dep flagging
    • CAS-12591: spwmap issues
    • refFreq issues
    • EOP corrections
    • CC tables to componentlist
    • Poln Calibration (resolved models)
    • fringefit solutions and plotms
    • fringefit fit parameter modes, cf FFT-only, other options
  • (Ryan) General CASA ADASS poster to mention VLBI collaboration with JIVE, reference Des' poster
  • Other admin?


  • (Mark) Requirements collation ConsolidatedRequirements....Any news?
    • Mark finalizing this document, including acknowledgment of prior authors
    • Work plan describing how/when CASA can replace AIPS (FY2020 NRAO/DMS Program Operating Plan)
  • VLBI Integration branch: CAS-12325
  • Items for CASA 6.0
    • (Mark) CAS-12682: fringefit task: coordinating with Bob Garwood and Darrell. Finished? Done!
  • Stakeholder inputs for CASA 5.7/6.1
    • See VLBI section
    • (George) VLBI delivery plan pending at: CASA 5.7/6.1 George to populate VLBI-specific work there, asap.
  • Items for CASA 5.7/6.1 (need CAS tickets for many of the following). (Much of this to be discussed in person at JIVE Oct 11-16.)
    • (George) Support correlation-dependent flagging, with user option (CAS-695).
    • (Mark) Spectral-line / astrometry support
      • Fringe fitting on a single channel (or multiple channels with delay turned off) (CAS-12553)
      • Spectral window mapping issues (CAS-12591); also refFreq issues
      • Updated EOP corrections (fixvis; cf antpos, etc.)
    • (Des) Dispersive term solve, including user control and an FFT-based option for estimating the dispersive term.
    • (George/Des) Convert CC tables to image or ComponentList for resolved model-setting
    • (Des) Wide bandwidth
    • (George) Per-scan interpolation option?
    • (George) Overlapping solution intervals?
    • (Des) CAS-12485? fringefit weighting control (test data options pending)
    • (Des) Baseline stacking?
    • (Walter) Advanced VLBA Amplitude calibration a la Walker memo from a few years ago?
      • Bandpass normalization flexibility: voltage vs. power


  • (Mark) CAS-12652: fringefit verification test status? (Also CAS-12693: single-pol). Done
  • (George) CAS-12591: CTPatchedInterp spectral window mapping bug
    • Needs further investigation.... I suspect this requires additional work addressing differing spw populations in MS and CalTable (portability)
  • (Des) Michael Janssen has found a so-far unreproducible bug (GSL return codes)... Progress?


-- GeorgeMoellenbrock - 2019-09-25
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