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CASA/JIVE VLBI Coordination Meeting

2019 May 29 @ 1400UTC

Attendance: George, Ryan, Mark, Des


  • Future Meeting dates (usually last Wed of the month):
    • Next meeting: 2019 Jun 28 1400UT (NB: THIS IS A FRIDAY)
    • 2019 Jul 31? (George has conflict)
    • 2019 Aug 28?

General Admin

  • CASA 5.6/6.0
    • CASA 5.6 Confluence page
    • Feature freeze: 2019 Jun 07
      • Public CASA 5.6/6.0 release possible no earlier than mid-July; ALMA/EVLA pipeline release by Oct 1.
    • (Mark) CASA 6 build environment? Ok, including incremental build
      • Non-parallel build process slow/tedious; a fix for this is in the works in CV (Mehringer)
  • EHT-related article planned for next newsletter, expected ~alongside CASA 5.6 pipeline release
    • Probably a contribution from Michael Janssen, via Ilse
    • Newsletter expected ~Oct
  • (Mark) EHT polarization workshop
    • In Bonn, in July; EHT members only. Mark may adapt some ad hoc resolved-calibrator polarization-calibration scripts as tasks.
  • Jay Blanchard now in Socorro, cultivating interest in CASA VLBI (also SRDP)
    • New interest, new testing effort, from Socorro. Also new support demands, probably.
  • (Ryan) CASA Next Generation Infrastructure
    • Early stages of trade study work for new natively-parallel and scale-able frameworks, e.g., ApacheSpark; probably not c++; testing/prototyping in coming months, culminating in design reviews early next yearish. Many questions remain, including migration costs, pipeline vs. user orientation, etc.; answers to trickle in over the coming months.
    • Collaboration impacts to be managed by upper management.
  • Other admin?


  • (Mark) Requirements collation ConsolidatedRequirements....Any news?
    • New wish list from Michael Janssen; Mark to consolidate. Document needed for JIVE project reviews late in the year.
  • (Mark) New integration branch: CAS-12325...Ok.
  • Items for CASA 5.6/6.0 development
    • (Des?) Fringe search windows?
      • Seems to be available in CASA 5.5; George will confirm with Jay.
    • (George) CASA 6 VLBI task interface verification
      • (Mark) fringefit task: coordinating with Bob Garwood
    • (Mark) Mark fringefit task as non-experimental?
      • Needs unittest/regressiontest: Low-level unit test by Mark using real data forthcoming
      • fringefit to remain experimental as substantial features still appearing (and caltable change, etc.)
    • (George) Look into correlation-dependent flagging issue (CAS-695)
      • Looks like making this user-controllable is relatively easy; George to implement, possibly for 5.6 (exposed only in fringefit for now; no change in default behavior elsewhere).
    • (Des) Dispersive term
      • (Des) Work ongoing, including user controal and an FFT-based option for estimating the dispersive term. Not ready for 5.6; likely for 5.7.
      • (George) Expand number of parameters in FringeJonestable?
        • Backward compatibility ~complicated on ingestion, since FPARAM column not accessed retrieved until table sliced up for interpolation engines
        • Decision: revise caltable to include dispersive term for 5.6; neglect backward-compatibility since fringefit is still "experimental". (At most, provide a warning.)
    • (Des) fringefit performance/stability issues traced to neglecting some terms in fit accumulations; now on track to validate for 5.6
      • Fixed! PR to be generated next week.
    • (Des) New item: fringefit weighting control implemented. PR expected next week.
    • (Des) Baseline stacking
    • (Des) Wide bandwidth
    • (George) perscan interpolation option? (5.7)
    • (George) consider overlapping solution intervals? (5.7)
    • (Walter) Advanced VLBA Amplitude calibration a la Walker memo from a few years ago
      • Bandpass normalization flexibility: voltage vs. power


  • (Mark) Testing of fringe fitting with a model... status?
    • Jay confirms confusion about convolution status of model images imported from elsewhere
      • (George) Confer w/ Kumar about better warning for improperly-convolved model images; consider component model ingestion (possibly related to new VLA f.d. calibrator model conventions)
  • (Mark) Incremental storage manager issues with SIGMA/WEIGHT column? (PR on casacore pending)
    • Fixed, and merged to github/casacore. Merge to casa/master pending
  • (Mark) VLBI (FITSIDI) Single-band case fixed in github/casacore. Merge to casa/master pending.


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