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CASA/JIVE VLBI Coordination Meeting

2019 February 20 @ 1500UTC

Attendance: George, Mark, Des. (NB: CV closed due to weather)


  • NRAO Shutdown status
    • Shutdowns seem to be over for 2019; in any case, NRAO has coordinated with NSF to guarantee funding through 2019 September
  • Future Meeting dates (usually last Wed of the month):
    • Next meeting: 2019 Mar 27 @ *1400*UTC (Daylight savings begins 2019 Mar 10 in USA, 2019 Mar 31 in JIVE)
      • NB: Mark has conflict on this date, also prior and following weeks. We will followup closer to date on whether we will meet.
    • 2019 Apr 24
    • 2019 May 29
    • 2019 Jun 26?
    • 2019 Jul 31?

General Admin

  • CASA 5.5
    • Wrapping up final validation, etc.
    • CASA 6 (release: 2019 Apr 19): migrate task/tool interfaces to assure same scientific support as CASA 5.5
      • George will include VLBI tasks in CASA 6 general calibration task interface verification for CASA 6
      • Mark to begin exploring CASA 6 build environment; Mark/Des to begin thinking about where their development efforts will operate
  • CASA 5.6/6.1 dates pending (requirements due by ~end of January)
  • Other admin?


  • Status of testing and merges for 5.5
    • Everything ok with CAS-12180 (refant list), etc.?
      • YES. Need to followup with Ville/Darrell on whether the test has been re-enabled.
    • Release notes communicated to Bjorn
  • (Mark) Testing of fringe fitting with a model:
    • Some curious behavior noted in comparisons with AIPS FRING processing using a resolved model (in both packages). Investigation ongoing, will involve George if necessary.
  • (Mark) EVN archival data issue and importfitsidi:
    • Some EVN FITSidi have problem which importfitsidi does not gracefully step over. Mark to implement fix (casacore), and we'll seek blessing from Dirk Petry before merging.
  • General verification testing?


  • Requirements collation (Mark)
    • Any high nails to add to near-term development list?
      • Overlapping solution intervals (George will begin considering how this might work)
    • Link (also available on main VLBI Coord page): ConsolidatedRequirements
      • Mark impressed with degree of progress made on the JIVE list so far.
      • Mark to flesh out more details (text from older docs), and begin prioritization in discussion with JIVE workshop participants (including Walter). Exisiting JIRA ticket numbers to be added, and some (terse) implementation guidance notes may also be added.
  • New integration branch (Mark).
    • Mark will create this, and move the few remaining unmerged commits from the old VLBI Workshop branch (CAS-10684), which has becoming difficult to merge from master.
  • Items for CASA 5.6/6.1 development
    • (George) Look into correlation-dependent flagging issue (CAS-695)
    • (Walter) Advanced VLBA Amplitude calibration a la Walter memo from a few years ago
      • Bandpass normalization flexibility: voltage vs. power
      • accor solutions applied to ACs? (should already be true, else a bug). (Mark checked, seems to be ok.)
    • (Des) Baseline stacking
    • (Des) Wide bandwidth and dispersive
    • (George) perscan interpolation option?
    • (George) consider overlapping solution intervals?


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