Add an Observatory to Casa-data

1) Check out the Observatories table from
2) Start Casa and execute "browsetable" command. Click on File Open icon and navigate to the Observatories directory. Click "Open"

2.1) Alternativaly you can run "casabrowser Observatories" with a casa build in your path. This will launch the gui with the Observatories table loaded in it.

3) In the "Edit" menu, select the topmost "Edit Table" button. This will enable table editing.
4) Click on Edit -> Insert Rows .... select 1 row to be appended
5) A new row will appear at the bottom of the table. Add all of the required values.
6) Click on File -> close Table
8) Exit casabrowser
9) Rerun "casabrowser Observatories" or "browsetable" to make sure that the values you added got saved properly. Exit Casa.
10) Commit the changes back to the casa-data repository.

-- VilleSuoranta - 2015-06-30
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