System Requirements

Mark's draft list of process requirements

Operational (High Level) Requirements

Measures of Effectiveness

  • Timely delivery of working packages to users on a regular cycle, typically at 6 month intervals.
  • Timely delivery of test packages and feedback to developers. feedback lag on implemented changes should be as short as possible.
  • Error free installation on supported platforms.

Measures of Performance

  • Speed of delivery of working packages to users, as measured from the feature freeze date.
  • Punctuality of weekly test or stable packages.
  • Number of packing and system errors reported post deployment.
  • Number of previously unidentified code base errors reported post deployment.
  • Developer time spent on B&T system-related processes (building packages, interfacing with change control system, testing code)
  • Release engineer effort (time) in producing packages.
  • Release engineer effort (time) in maintaining the B&T system(s).
  • Completeness of intended code base in a test/stable/release package (number of missing features that have been developed).

Technical Performance/Functional Requirements

  • Notification of codebase changes for selected files or folders in VCS, if enabled by the developer.

Interfacing/Compatibility Requirements

  • Support for C++11
  • Support for MPI
  • Support for RHEL, OSX, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian.

Reliability, Maintainability & Availability (RMA) Requirements

Programmatic Requirements

  • Operational availability (date that it must be ready for use)
  • Cost limits
  • Time/Effort limits

External Constraints

  • Apple to start shipping OSX 10.10 in Fall '14. Likely to stop shipping 10.9 machines by September '14.

-- RobSelina - 2014-05-28
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