CASA Coordination Team

22 September 2017 10:00 ET/8:00 MT/16:00 CET

Rooms: ER-209, SOC-280

Phone: 434-817-6524

Attending: Urvashi, Lindsey, Anand, Darrell, Morgan

  • Decision on 5.1 deployment
    • Pipeline blocker - SD issue which prevents MS restore, fixed
    • Documentation issue understood - not a blocker, include fix
    • We will re-roll for Monday (5.1.0-74), pending PLWG approval
    • + Anand to follow up with Bjorn - enter ticket to NM HD to fix Firefox/CASA
    • + Lindsey to follow up with PLWG on delay, check versions for Darrell
  • Discuss review of new processes, improvement areas
    • + Provide pointers to processes documented in plone, lifecycle documentation, Build and Test Process Feedback – Morgan/Anand
    • We will pick one or two obvious things to start, continue to gather experience with 5.3
    • + Team - Review wailing wall (Build and Test Process Feedback) -
  • Cross-project communication (e.g. JIRA access, etc.)
    • PLWG - access to CASA JIRA
    • ICT JIRA - Computing, PL Team has access, but not everyone on CASA side
    • + Morgan to look into who has ICT JIRA/wiki access, circulate list to ALMA CASA folks to see who wants/needs ICT access
  • Alg dev - interaction with CASA
    • Maybe some for 5.3 from single dish
    • Autoboxing next steps – Urvashi has sent an e-mail about this
    • + Morgan - Send ARDG doc to CCT (latest attached)
    • + Urvashi to summarize things we will need to think about when integrating new algorithms
    • Using the PL for testing - not - we get requests for PL changes to support testing
  • Morgan to add to Ryan's list:
    • Interface with CASACore - Ryan/Jeff discussion
    • HPC groups interaction
    • MSv3
    • Documentation of processes in plone, lifecycle documentation, Build and Test Process Feedback – Morgan/Anand
-- MorganGriffith - 2017-09-21
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