CASA Coordination Team

15 September 2017

11:00 ET/9:00 MT/17:00 CET

Rooms: ER-245, SOC-280

Phone: 434-817-6524

  • 5.1 release & release documentation - 2 changes Monday, then Ryan, tarball mid-day Wed, test Wed Thurs
  • Preparing for Ryan – background material, plan for ramping up
    • Background reading
    • DL's, meetings, ticketing systems
    • Individual meetings
    • ALMA handbook, VLA overview, Anand Plone docs,
    • ICT - Obs Mode
  • CARTA - send article
  • Pipeline testing wrt 5.2 - discussion on Thursday 9/14
  • What’s in 5.2 (keep focus on ALMA parallelization, suggestion: we're already in "feature freeze")
  • Discuss review of new processes, improvement areas
  • Cross-project communication (e.g. JIRA access, etc.)
  • Alg dev - autoboxing?
    • Maybe some for 5.3 from single dish
  • 5.1 release and release documentation
    • Some concern that ALMA pipeline testing is still ongoing, acceptance date has been moved into last week of September
    • last pipeline changes are in, solar Tcals changes from George M and tclean logging message change from Urvashi will go in Monday
    • new tarball will be available Wednesday, final testing and release announcement Thursday
  • Preparing for Ryan's arrival
    • usual office, accounts, jira access, ...
    • this group will provide suggestions to Morgan on process / organization issues Ryan can start thinking about
    • this group will provide suggestions to Morgan about meetings to attend, materials for Ryan to look at, etc
    • this group will be the initial contact person's for their areas of responsibility
    • alpha / preview release is scheduled to coincide with newsletter and 5.1 release
    • the scope of this release needs to made clear to CASA users
    • management needs closer connection to CASA team to ensure good use case coverage
  • CASA 5.2
    • this release is focused on HPC issues, development is frozen, bug fixing only
    • what is a bug for this release will be determined on a case by case basis
  • Other items deferred to next meeting which will be Friday Sept 22 at 14:00 UT

-- MorganGriffith - 2017-09-14
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