Monday Morning Meeting 9/9/19

  • IP:
  • Phone: (434) 817-6524

News / Management
  • CUC - agenda on wiki soon?
  • CARTA F2F in Socorro 10/12-16 - please swing by and say hi, also possible archive/SRDP involvement
  • CNGI review with outside consultant last week
    • PMD looking to get involved, report/recommendations from them should be forthcoming
    • Conceptual Design review preparation underway - guidance taken from meeting
      • less emphasis on specific technical choices (i.e. MS file format)
      • more emphasis on requirements decomposition and prototype definition
    • Trade Study concept was very well received
  • CASA 6


  • CASA 5.6P1
    • Done - for ALMA ?
    • CAS-12656 (gaincal seg-fault) : VLASS will need this, but it can go in only after 5.6P1 is done and packaged for ALMA
  • CASA 5.7
    • Topics waiting for specification (by UR) : SD+INT new task, ia.findgoodbeam autoflag feature, flagdata behaviour with OTF time averaging, test data/script for fixvis. [ Please add to the list if anything on your list is waiting for such information. ]
    • Imaging memory use : Progress on separating the major and minor cycle memory use (JWS)
    • What OS versions are supported for the next release?
  • CASA 6
    • Development alongside casa 5.x (suggestions from UR)
      • Please remember that all python code changes must be (a) compatible with python 2 and 3 when possible and (b) committed to both the casa5 and casa6 code trees and (c) tested manually and automatically in both casa5 and casa6.
      • Instructions for building casa6 tools and tasks (please send questions about this to Darrell) :
      • It may be a good idea for all devs to transition to using casa6 as the primary development tree (with casa 5.x changes made on the side). Many small issues will be caught and fixed just from our daily use.
      • Current Questions from developers ( please add here... )
        • (KG) : A howto migrate from casa5 to casa6 as a developer.
          • Which files/folders have to be checked out/in independently and on which tree casatasks or casatools
          • What is the mapping between folders path between casa5 and casa6 ?
          • Do we create 3 branches off the same ticket casa/casatasks/casatools (2 or 3 tickets)?
            • Do we put one pull request or 2/3 pull requests (if on one ticket)
              • (VS) I think one ticket with branches in each repository.
              • (FMP) I used on ticket only, for example in CAS-12650. Then you need a minimum of 2 branches and 2 PRs (one to the CASA 5 repo, and another one or two to the casatools and casatasks repos). CAS-12600 had one branch that was merged into CASA 5. Then there are two branches of casatools and casatasks, which are ready I think, but they'd need a PR each.
          • How does it get validated ? On all 2/3 repositories or tickets ?
        • (BG) :
          • Automated tests and tarballs for casa6 ? What is the plan ?
            • (VS) There are several problems with the way the repositories are laid out but one of the main ones is the fact that we only have robust tests for casatasks. Hence we need to build casatasks to test casatools. I have the first stab at this for the casatools PR tests almost done. Another main problem is that the build system needs to be aware of all the related changes to a ticket. I think this can be solved by creating a tool to wrap the PR submission so that the PRs go in to all repositories at the same time. This should then allow the build processes to query the state of the system and make choices on what to merge and where.
          • Some explicit instructions somewhere on how to do simultaneous development in c++ and casatasks (which depends then on casatools, which then might depend on your local casa c++ development) would be useful.
          • It's sometimes not clear what (if any) things need to be cleaned up after making certain changes in casatools in order for the build process to see those changes and do the right thing. I probably spend more time resetting casatools to the pristine, pre-build state than I need to.
        • (TT):
          • "How to" or "Quick Start" documentation on CASA6? Even for the monolithic one, it would be helpful to have such document (if not there already) to reproduce issues. I tried to use the current monolithic CASA 6 but I did not find 'tget' and inp('tclean') did not work for me even after importing tlcean from casatasks. Also, tclean.last was not created after execution of tclean(..) command. Are there any setup/config. (use one should do to get the interface similar to CASA 5?
    • Tests
      • (SC) Need to automate some of the regression tests to run with CASAlith (casa-root-XXX). e.g. alma-m100-**

Build / Testing

  • Infrastructure
    • N/A
  • Unit
    • N/A
  • Verification
    • N/A
  • Validation
    • Test tarballs are for MacOS 10.13 but NRAO is updating Macs to 10.14.

User Liaison Updates

  • CASA Docs task pages: Development tabs are not user-friendly, or up-to-date. Currently do not look good on CASA, and users are noticing. Can we make them private/internal?

Pipeline Updates

  • expecting casa-pipeline-5.6.1 release today (ALMA and VLA PI Pipeline)
  • need another release for SRDP ALMA cube and VLASS SE
  • Joe Masters is visiting Socorro this week.

Single Dish Development (8/29/19)

  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Renaud Miel
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-12510 Refactor PointingdirectionCalculator _GTest.
      • Totally replaced to new desigen. (completed)
      • Imporoving unit-test main body with new feature of C++11.
    • Reading casa/casaocre source code for study.
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