CASA Software Engineering Project Tracking Process

This page describes a minimal process used to track CASA Software Engineering projects.

Status: In Use

When to use this process

This process is useful for tracking projects that
  • cannot be completed quickly,
  • are interrupted frequently,
  • do not have clear requirements, or
  • require coordination between several people.

If a project can be completed quickly, with little coordination and few interruptions, do so without following this process. The goal is to complete work, not produce wiki pages and JIRA tickets.


To Record a New Project

  1. Chose a name for the project. This will be used as the working name of the project, and will appear
    • on the CASA Software Engineering page,
    • on the project tracking page in the project title,
    • in JIRA tickets for tracking project tasks, and
    • be used to create the project WikiWord in the form of "!CasaSEProjectWikiWord".
    • Example:
      • project name: Complete the CASA 4.2.0 Release
      • project WikiWord: CasaSEProjectCompleteCasa420Release
    • This name should also be used consistently in all discussions about the project.
  2. Add the project WikiWord to the CASA Software Engineering page under the "Projects" heading "Not Started" sub-heading.
    • Projects are listed in alphabetical order in the "Not Started" list by their project WikiWord.
    • Save the CASA Software Engineering page and verify the project WikiWord appears where expected.
      • It should appear as red text. If not, this WikiWord has already been used somewhere else in the wiki. Remove the WikiWord just added, choose a new project name, and try again.
  3. Create the Project Tracking Page by clicking on the new project WikiWord.
    • This will open the page in a WISIWIG editor.
    • Save it as is, then open it for editing in the non-WISIWIG editor by clicking on the "Edit wiki text' button at the top of the page.
  4. Copy the contents of Project Tracking Template to the new project tracking page.
    • Replace the word "Template" in the top level heading with the project name.
      • Example
        • "CASA Software Engineering Project: Template" changes to
        • "CASA Software Engineering Project: Complete the CASA 4.2.0 Release".
    • Replace the text immediately after the top level heading starting with (Note: ...) as instructed in the template.
    • Update the Team section as instructed.
    • Fill out the remainder later.
    • Save the wiki page and record the URL for recording the project in JIRA.
    • For example, see CASA Software Engineering Project: Complete the CASA 4.2.0 Release
  5. Create a Jira task to complete the project.
    • This is the new project's tracking ticket.
    • For the task summary field, enter "Complete Project: [project name from step 1]".
    • For the task Description field, enter "Complete the project described at [tracking page URL from setp 4]".
    • Assign this task to the project lead.
    • Add everyone working on the project as ticket watchers.
    • Ask customers if they would like to watch this ticket. If so, add them.
    • For example, see CAS-6067.
  6. Replace the text "CAS-TBD" in the project tracking page with the URL of the new JIRA task to the project tracking page.

To Work on a Project

  1. Move the project from the CASA Software Engineering "Projects" heading "Not Started" sub-heading to the "Active" sub-heading.
  2. Fill out the rest of the project tracking page as is useful.
    • Fill out only as much is useful.
    • Use links to existing pages as much as possible.
    • Do not duplicate anything that belongs somewhere else.
  3. As the project is decomposed into smaller tasks, add Jira sub-tasks to the project tracking Jira task.
    • Use Jira sub-tasks to track and assign sub-tasks.
    • Do not duplicate this in the project tracking page.
    • When working on sub-task tickets, log work as appropriate.
  4. As sub-tasks are completed, mark them as resolved.
    • If sub-tasks are for completing a deliverable, assign the sub-task to the customer to review and close.
    • Otherwise, assign the sub-task to the project lead to review and close.

If a Project Becomes Blocked

  1. Move the project from the CASA Software Engineering "Projects" heading, "Active" sub-heading to the "Blocked" sub-heading.
  2. In the project tracking ticket, set "Workflow" to "Hold Issue".

When a Project is Completed (new draft section by MGR)

  1. Ensure that the Jira ticket and any sub-tasks are resolved.
  2. Check with all the team members that they are satisfied that the project is indeed complete. If necessary, have them sign off on it via the Jira ticket.
  3. Close the Jira ticket (and any sub-tasks).
  4. Move the project from the CASA Software Engineering "Projects" heading, "Active" sub-heading to the "Completed" sub-heading.

-- ScottRankin - 2013-07-11

Incorporated ideas from AndyHale.

-- ScottRankin - 2013-07-17
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