CASA Software Engineering Project: Switch to Google Code Casacore

CASA will shut down its fork of casacore and replace it with casacore from Google Code. This decision was made some time ago, and discussed at the 2013 CASA Developer's Meeting. This project will consolidate and wrap up work on this task.

Status: See CAS-6137.


Members - actively working on this project.

Customers - providing requirements.

  • CASA Developers

Collaborators - may assist with project, but are not directly responsible for deliverables.

  • TBD


  1. List tasks required to complete the switch.
    1. For each task, list prerequisites.
  2. Assign responsibilities for each task
    • Some responsibilities will have to be negotiated, not assigned.



  • Changes to CASA to build with Google Code casacore.
  • Instructions to developers to build with Google Code casacore.
  • Procedure for CASA developers to commit to Google Code casacore.


Things to do, so far:

  1. Negotiate agreement with casacore developers on
    1. Responsibility for correcting failures detected in CASA build and test environments by commits to casacore by other organizations.
    2. CASA responsibility for correcting failures detected in other other organizations build and test environments by commits to casacore by CASA.

  1. Shutdown of NRAO casacore fork.

  1. Switch CASA from building with the NRAO casacore fork to building with Google Code casacore.
    1. Switch over on a CASA branch.
    2. Merge changes to CASA trunk.


Project tasks are tracked with Jira sub-tasks under this project's master task. See CAS-6137.

-- ScottRankin - 2014-02-03
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