CASA Project:

  • Short Description:
  • Sponsor(s):
  • Current Status: In Preparation

(Jim)Maybe a list of suggested status values; probably a date the state was entered would be useful?

  • Predicted Duration: (Note not a schedule, just a duration. This is the total expected time (assuming resource availability) to complete the project)

Project Charter

* Narrative Description


  • Note any prerequisites for the project
  • ALERT! (Date): Something that is not yet done
  • DONE (2015/10/5): Prerequisite that has been completed


  • ALERT! (Date): Something that is not yet done
  • DONE (2015/10/5): Requirement that has been completed

Must Haves
  • These are the requirements which must be completed
Should Haves
  • Things we will do provided we have time
Could Haves
  • Things that we will do if all goes really well
Will not haves
  • A place to clarify things that we are not going to do

Implementation Plan

  • List of tasks to be completed (links to Jira tickets) and who is going to do them, order of attack
  • Any additional resources (e.g., hardware, software, data, special expertise, etc.)

Test Plan

  • How the development team will demonstrate that the requirements above have been addressed.

Validation Plan

  • How the software will be validated by the end user. It may be that no validation is required for some types of projects.

Project Notes:

  • This is a place to keep track of the progress of the project, entries should be of the form:
  • 2015/10/02 JKern: Project ready for review.

-- JeffKern - 2015-10-02
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