CASA Software Engineering Project: Create an ASAP source code cache at NRAO

Create a local cache of a checked out copy of ASAP so NRAO developers can get a copy of ASAP when we can not connect to the ASAP Subversion server.

Note: This project is so small it would not normally require a project tracking page. I used this project to develop the Project Tracking Process. This project tracking page is used as an example in the process description.

Status: See CAS-5362


  • CASA Developers

  • TBD


At the CASA 2013 Developer's Meeting, during the discussing on building ASAP, some developers commented the ASAP Subversion repository at is not always available when they needed to checkout ASAP.


We decided to keep a cached copy of ASAP available to developers at NRAO. This will be available for developers to copy into their development workspace. Once copied, developers must update ASAP like code they checked out directly from the Subversion server.


  • Copies of this cache will be stored on the NRAO network under /home/casa/subversionCaches/asap/trunk
  • This cache will be owned by casaadm.
  • Shared copies of this cache will be updated by a casaadm cron job running on warp in CV, and cbt-rh6-1 in DSOC.
  • Local copies of this cache will be updated by a casaadm cron job on computers that helpdesk does not support automount on. These include
    • casabtm1
    • cbt-d11-1
    • cbt-d12-1

  • Developers must copy this cache to their workspace before use. Do not build against this cache. Your build may brake as the cache is updated by cron without notice.


Project tasks are tracked with Jira sub-tasks under this project's tracking task. See CAS-5362

-- ScottRankin - 2013-07-11
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