Collection of Questions for Phone interviews for SE position 3081


  • What is your favorite programming language?
    • What is the worst feature/what would you like to change about your favorite language?
    • What is your favorite IDE for that language?
  • Describe the trickiest debugging task you've done
  • What is database normalization and why would you want that?
  • What is the difference between dropping, deleting and truncating a database table?


  • Please Describe what you consider to be your greatest weakness
  • If you find a task difficult, what steps would you take to complete the task?
  • What is a function? How does it differ from a Class?
  • Describe the difference between a do-while and a while loop?


  • Working with the CASA group requires being able to communicate effectively with a team of people who have a range of knowledge bases (i.e., managers, scientists, programmers). Please describe a situation where you had to explain a technically complicated situation to someone with a significantly different level of experience.
  • You will need to work effectively both independently and as a member of a team. Please describe your ability to do both, citing examples.
  • Why do you want to work at NRAO?
  • Describe a challenge that you've had to overcome by thinking outside of the box and how you did it.


  • On a scale of 1-10, how do you rank your skill with linux?
  • What are you greatest strengths?
  • In two minutes, describe your role in your favorite project. Why?


  • Discuss your experience with CI.


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