Monday Morning Meeting 10/22/18

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  • Phone: (434) 817-6524

News / Management


  • Calibration and Flagging
    • CAS-10383: flagdata should fail if datacolumn=RESIDUAL and MODEL or virtual MODEL do not exist.
      • I just realized that this branch was never merged. Will reactivate it and move on with a new PR.
  • Imaging
    • N/A
  • Measurement Set
    • CAS-11942 Listobs documentation improvements. Updated plone documentation as requested by testing team. DM
    • CAS-11950 fixspw statwt bug on 5.4.1 branch. Resolved. DM
    • CAS-11965: Fix statwt fitspw issue on master. Scheduled. DM
  • Image Analysis
    • CAS-10647: specsmooth history writing support. Recreated branch packages so that after over a year in validation hopefully this can finally be resolved. DM
    • CAS-11908: back out immath support for Double and DComplex images on 5.4.1 branch. Remains in validation now for several weeks after much gnashing of teeth among some stakeholders. DM
  • Casacore
  • Data Visualization
    • Plotms
      • connect-the-dots in validation
      • RA/Dec axes: branch package for testing
    • CARTA
      • Image displayed with histogram; display and coordinate transformation options.
      • Cursor spatial and spectral profiles displayed, animation through channels or stokes.
      • Packaging for various OSes to run on single machine in progress, for distribution to CUC. Darrell advising.
      • Next up: contour images and regions.
    • N/A
  • CASA 6
    • Creation of binary PyPI wheel for casatools finished
    • Creation of pure-python PyPI wheel for casatasks finished
    • Sonatype Nexus Repository has been configured
      • Can host Docker Hub, Maven Repository, PyPI Repository, and Yum Repository (PyPI repository can be used to augment standard PyPI repository)
    • four outstanding task unittest failures
  • All Other Business
    • (Don't know where to put this discussion). Attached is an attempt to analyse the requirements and concerns raised by several people in the last few weeks on the changes to the parallelisation in tclean and in CASA after CASA 5.5 and 6. Comments are welcome!
      • Development of use-cases which we would like to support would be helpful

Build / Testing

  • Infrastructure
    • N/A
  • Unit
    • N/A
  • Verification
    • N/A
  • Validation
    • N/A

User Liaison Updates

Pipeline Updates

  • Another round of tests and bug fixes in the previous week... prerelease-5.4.1-21 is avalable for all fixes. Plotms still wating for merge.
    • connecting dots in caltable plots (CASA: CAS-11915, PL: CAS-11730) ... still waiting for CASA.
    • WebLog issue with per band image ( CAS-11848) ... fixed but there are still a cosmetic issue. Would this be blocker for release?
    • QA fixes (parent: CAS-10907) ... under tests
    • statwt issues ... Dave fixed a syntax issue in CASA. But there seems to be flagging issue in statwt. Juergen and Josh are looking into the symptom.
    • online averaging ... done
  • Pipeline developers F2F is next week in Socorro
  • SRDP L2 requirement definition ... ongoing
  • ALMA Cy7 priority passed from PWG. Need resource assessment.

Single Dish Development

  • Wataru Kawasaki
    • CAS-11503
      • confirmed tsdimaging's behaviour is right. sdimaging to be fixed.
      • modified the old imager code Imager::imagecoordinates2() so that only selected spectra to be used to get coordinate info. no unit tests affected for sdimaging and clean.
      • now DATE-OBS, CRVAL3 and CDELT3 are consistent between sdimaging and tsdimaging.
      • pushed modifications to the origin and reassigned the JIRA ticket to Daniel Tafoya for user testing
  • Takeshi Nakazato
    • CASAdoc change proposal feedback
    • CAS-11589 confirmed that test_importasap and test_importnro were registered to Bamboo
    • CAS-9871 fix _pg interface issues: ran single dish pipeline with test package and confirmed that the bug reported in CAS-11784 has been fixed
  • Renaud Miel
    • CAS-8087!PlotMS pointings
      • Created test package for testing feedback
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-11427Unit Test (UT)
      • Linear-interplation Test, prototype done, refactoring in progress , capable of reporting floating point error infomation.
      • This will be the Unit-test base of next CAS-8418 (high-order interporation)
    • CASA 5.5
      • Reading existing codes concerning to CAS-8418 (High-order Pointing Interporation).
      • Stuying mathmatical background of spline-interpolation to design unit-test MS data specification.
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