Monday Morning Meeting 18 November 2019


News / Management

Science Development


  • Build/test environment, packaging, tools, branching, etc
    • Casa branching and wheel numbering changes
  • Import / Export
  • CASA6
    • casa6 parameter checking:
      • 'any' parameters are not validated by type or value
        • type: e.g. if type is "bool boolArray" and you give it a string "True", that is accepted
        • value: if xml has allowed values, this is not checked and invalid values get through
      • some numeric types (int64, numpy numeric types) fail validation
  • CNGI

Data Visualization

  • PlotMS, CARTA, anything else with a GUI

Verification Testing

  • We have discussed the creation of a new module called 'casatests' for casa6. It will store the relevant test scripts that currently live in gcwrap/python/scripts/regressions and will store new test scripts for performance, stakeholders tests, etc. More information is available in this confluence page.
  • The JIRA ticket CAS-12802 will track the implementation of a casatests module.
  • We have also discussed a new structure for a data repository used for tests. The idea is to keep the existing casa-data as read-only and create a new data repo with only the files we will use in casa6. The new data repo should be better structured and easier to understand. More information on the discussions and proposed designs is available in this page.

Validation Testing

User Liaison Updates

Single Dish Development (11/07/19)

  • Wataru Kawasaki
    • CASR-475 Made some figures to show how to improve baseline fitting for some difficult cases
    • Built CASA6 on a machine for CASA development at NAOJ and wrote a memo (in Japanese) for NAOJ developers
  • Takeshi Nakazato
    • CAS-12773 CASA Newsletter article (Nobeyama Pipeline)
  • Renaud Miel
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-12510 Refactor PointingdirectionCalculator _GTest.
      • Revisied and applied ScopeGuard for automatic close operation.
      • Confirming updates listed in the past, closing finished ones, need to finalize all.
    • CAS-12721 sdtimeaverage (Overall understanding , mostly done)
      • clarifying reequested-specification, (change: beam - > antenna)
      • clarifying whole of work-items and schedule.
      • reading both for "task_" and "test_" . checking implementation deltails towards CAS-12721.
      • practicing nrobeamtransform() on casa , with plotms.

-- PamFord - 2019-11-06
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