Monday Morning Meeting DATE
* IP:
* Phone: (434) 817-6524


  • Socorro: Jeff, George, Lindsey, Juergen, Jim, Urvashi, Pam, Kumar, Tak
  • CV: Darrel, Ville, Bob, Jen, Akeem, Andy, Anand
  • Garching: Dirk, Sandra, Justo,

Special Topic: Roadmap Discussion

Items Currently on Jeff's List

  • In flight
    • Miranda Recommendations
      • Atlassian transition
    • Performance
      • Parallelization (done at technical level)
      • Resource utilization
    • Technical Debt
    • Scratchless operation
      • VI/VB2
    • Build and Test System
      • Atlassian transition
      • Structure
      • May allow for expanding supported OSs
    • Documentation
    • Wide-band, wide-field imaging
    • Autoboxing
  • Waiting
    • Full-polarization imaging
    • Next steps in minor cycle; time-variable sources
    • Visualization
      • CARTA becomes primary image viewer
      • Viewer becomes 2-D visualization tool
    • VLASS
    • SRDP for VLA
    • Rethink CASACore architecture
  • Further down the road
    • Rethink interface
      • Perhaps move toward a more pythonic interface
    • Namespace restructure


  • VI/VB2: There is currently no documentation; this will go into Plone.
  • mstool: Would be nice if this could be used at the scripting level
  • Error handling in CASACore
  • GPU: Jeff has not put this on the roadmap because it is too expensive
  • Performance regression benchmarks: The primitive (m100) benchmark run at ESO has found 2-3 performance reasonably significant regressions within the last year, formalizing in the regular test suite might be useful.
  • transparent compression of MS data.

-- JeffKern - 2016-11-14
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