Monday Morning Meeting 11/3/2014

  • USA Toll Free Number: 866-901-8266
  • USA Toll Number: +1-203-566-3863


  • Socorro: Rob, Pam, George, Juergen, Susan, Tak, Sanjay, Kumar,
  • CV: Dave, Andy,
  • Garching: Dirk, Sandra, Justo
  • SCO:

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • Jeff in Utah - cross-disciplinary data visualization presentation. Back on Wednesday.
  • VLA Data reduction workshop in Socorro last week.

Build, Release, Testing

  • 4.3 testing
    • 70 open tickets (need testing)
    • user tester meeting tomorrow
  • 4.3 blockers
    • mstransform/weight spectrum - channel averaging
      • Does require time to address properly, and it will affect the results of a number of regression tests that will also need to be updated. Likely two weeks to complete.
    • imfit blocker noted by Dave - just needs testing
  • Juergen will compile and circulate release notes today. Please review and comment.

  • Andy - have a replacement for Mike in testing group. Expected November 17th.
    • Automated smoke tests on OSX will be first (CASA) priority.


  • Technical Forums:


  • 4.4 Targets review
    • Normalized priority, Jeff discussed with team members.
      • Still some ambiguity.
    • Still need to have a team review.
    • Enter into JIRA soon



Developer Reports

Monday Meeting
  • Sanjay Bhatnagar
    • managed to do large mosaic test last week. Identified issues and solved a number of them.
  • Sandra Castro
    • First time I run successfully a cycle 2 data reduction script using MMS, mstransform and mpi. The script performs the following steps: importasdm, flagging, wvrgcal, generation of Tsys and ant tables, applycal, split science spws out, plotms, flagmanager, bandpass and gaincal calibrations, applycal and a last split of the corrected column. Issues found during these tests:
      • cycle 2 scripts use the analysisUtilities packages which is huge (~46000 lines). I have found issues with tables left open in the cache, which seem to be fixed in the latest version of this file on the functions used by this reduction script.
      • The functions in the aU script do not use local versions of the tools. There are inumerous calls to in there. Eventually one of them is left open.
      • All the calls to the aU script are run sequentially.
      • The successful run with MMS was done without the use of the analysisUtilities.
      • The cycle 2 scripts use flagcmd to apply the online flags, which is not parallelized. They should use flagdata in list mode instead.
  • Lindsey Davis
  • Pam Ford
    • CAS-7037 (Resolved) - Fixed incorrect units for velocity axis in plotms
    • CAS-7007 (plotms Done) - Added warning to user when all data is flagged and therefore not plotted by default in plotms; reassigned to Michel by Jeff
    • CAS-7029 - Found issue in VI/VB in which two axes selected in plotms which both depend on azelUT time (Azimuth, Elevation, HourAngle) will only update the data for the first axis; sent email to Jim
    • Worked on multi-rater PEP for former boss. Ugh.
    • This week: MAC tickets for release.
  • Kumar Golap
    • profiling mms; open file fix. Ger's fix was slow, so testing alternatives.
  • Justo Gonz├ílez Villalba
    • Implemented support for writing output SIGMA_SPECTRUM in mstransform
    • Investigated issues related with ALMA Cycle-2 parallel run tests
    • Now working to add weighted channel average in mstransform
  • Jim Jacobs
  • Jeff Kern
  • Susan Loveland
    • Plotms: CAS-7046, CAS-7050, found and fixed bug with legend on overlay plots.
    • Viewer: CAS-6779
    • Worked on clean-up of Carta state issues.
  • David Mehringer
    • Replied to "(CAS-5879) include pixel rms in imfit fitting" which apparently still has blocker status and still hasn't been tested even though I committed code for this more than 10 months ago. Suggest that testing assignments need to be reviewed more frequently and reassigned as necessary to prevent situations like this; I've seen it happen more than once that a ticket languishes for months waiting for testing by someone who rarely seems to have time to do it.
    • Worked on stats framework implementation.
  • George Moellenbrock
    • "Polarization" lecture at EVLA Data Reduction Workshop
    • Some plotms discussions with Pam
    • Continued discussions with Justo on channel averaging in TVI
    • User support at DRW
  • Dirk Petry
    • Issues in importasdm, lazyfiller doesn't work under OSX. Michel is now looking into the problem.
    • bdf flags now work on sd data, fixed on trunk and release branch.
    • wvrgcal fixes, but may not go into release branch. reduce size of cal tables.
  • Urvashi Rao
  • Darrell Schiebel
  • Rob Selina
  • Julian Taylor
  • Takahiro Tsutsumi
    • No new development. statwt unit test fix, other small bugs in setjy (still need to merge to release branch) problem with dictionary return, fluxscale issue identified at the data reduction workshop, etc.

Friday NAOJ Meeting
  • Kanako Sugimoto
  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Masaya Kuniyoshi
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Shinnosuke Kawakami

-- PamFord - 2014-10-31
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