Monday Morning Meeting 05/14/2018

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  • Phone: (434) 817-6524

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • Pipeline F2F complete last week
  • NRAO UC meeting this week
  • Synthesis school next week


  • 5.3 -
  • 1. statwt2 (CAS-10530), finalizing documentation updates (Josh)

    2. extend Stokes I masks to all polarizations (CAS-10516), on Tak/Juergen -- down to documentation updates and opening a new CASR ticket

    3. autoboxing (Amanda suggests the following tickets need to be in 5.3, the text is copied from an email from her), on Amanda

    CAS-11353. This is a new bug that came in on Friday. may be an issue with clean, not automasking

    CAS-11277 -- plone docs -- I think this just needs a style check and a small XML change.

    CAS-11259 -- input mask issue -- Crystal reported this one and it's kind of complicated, so she's probably the best person to test it. I could potentially try and figure out what the issue is, but might take me a while.

    4. Perley-Butler 2017 flux density scale (CAS-9538), on Bryan Butler (progress being made though)

    5. ephemeris tickets (CAS-10738 requires a code merge, CAS-7861 does not), on Bryan Butler

    6. documentation updates




Build, Release

Verification Testing

Validation Testing



Developer Reports

CASA 6.0 Work

  • Separate Viewer largely ready
  • Removal of Boost dependency largely done
  • All (known) tools have been converted and their test seem to pass
  • Several taskshave been ported and most of these have passing tests
    • ported tasks with tests which seem to pass -- applycal, calstat, concat, cvel, cvel2, flagcmd, flagmanager, imhistory, imstat, listobs, listpartition, setjy, slsearch, smoothcal specfit, splattotable, spxfit, vishead
    • ported tasks which need developer work to get passing tests -- bandpass, flagdata, imhead, immath, immoments, mstransform, partition, specflux, split

-- RyanRaba - 2018-05-14
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