CARTA Development Meeting

  • June 19-23, 2017, Socorro New Mexico


Meeting will be held at the DSOC (Domenici Science Operations Center) in Socorro, New Mexico. All non-NRAO participants should complete the "regular reservation form" found on our visitor's web page.
Getting to Socorro New Mexico

The nearest airport is in Albuquerque (airport code ABQ), which is about an hour away. Having a rental car is convenient and preferred. For getting to Socorro and the VLA site we refer to our separate Directions and Maps page


We have reserved a block of rooms for this meeting:
   Comfort Inn and Suites
    1259 Frontage Rd NW, Socorro, NM
    (575) 838-4400

Use the block name: CARTA NRAO before June 9 to receive a special rate. This rate includes continental breakfast and wifi. Please Note: Do NOT reserve via website or you will not be eligible for the special rate. If you need assistance with reservations please contact Lori Appel (


Jeff Kern Grimmer Kang Erik Rosolowsky Russ Taylor
Ville Suoranta Kuo-Song Wang Jaime Dassoulas Adrianna Pinska
Susan Loveland Anthony Moraghan   Rob Simmonds (?)
Morgan Griffith Chia-Jung Hsu   Pavol Federl (?)
New Hire (?)     New Hire (?)

Proto Agenda

  • Monday June 19
    • Project Management
      • Discussion: How does the project get feedback? Make the working group the product owner. Kuo-Song will be preparing a survey to go with the preview release.
      • Decision: The full project will begin using zenhub for issue tracking.
      • Deferred: Build and Test
    • Testing
      • Discussion: Why are the tests broken? Mostly the tests are out of date and the time to update the tests is not considered warranted because we know we want to update the UI.
      • Action: Grimmer, bring the tests back to passing status, using quarantine or known fails mechanism on CI system to avoid false failures.
      • Discussion: Do we need a dedicated test engineer?
        • Action: Morgan to investigate possibility of leveraging NRAO test group.
    • Resolved Issues:
      • Decision: We need to update to the QT Webengine, add this as a requirement for the UI refresh.
      • Discussion: Do we need a software design specification? A place to capture a common look and feel?
      • Action: Grimmer to work on an abstraction for this (as well as documentation, although they may be the same thing).
      • Predefined layouts
        • Action: CARTA Working Group (Project Scientists) Review the predefined layouts
        • Decision: Do NOT deprecate the ability to have arbitrary linkages
      • Decision: We will do native c++ implementations of the color maps we actually want, deprecate the matplotlib maps
        • Action: CARTA Working Group (Project Scientists) Provide agreed set of color maps to be implements
      • Action: Pavel review pull request associated with issue #40
    • Architecture:
      • Discussion: Python Interface, we discussed that what we have now is a basic tool level implementation and we need a task level implementation. We may also need another level of tool which provides abstraction to the current python interface. Deferred
      • Discussion: Deprecate Qooxdoo? Everyone agrees that a change is warranted, but want to have a documentation of the decision tree. And the reasons for our new selected technology.
        • Action:: Grimmer: A short paper describing the reason for the choices and switching in to a new framework.
      • Overall architecture discussion:
        • Consensus that the current architecture is complicated and difficult for new members.
        • Not clear that we have a proposed architecture that supports all use cases (shared sessions, control both from GUI and from python interface).
          • Action:: Grimmer to revisit and complete the architecture document and submit to Chin-Fei, Morgan, and Rob for comment.

  • Tuesday June 20
    • Open issues:
      • Qooxdoo update:
        • Decision: Only minor fixes (patches & bug fixes) to Qooxdoo since we are planning to move to a new technology.
        • Action: Anthony to create binary versions for our fixed versions
      • Decision: ASIAA will pursue an Apple developer license to sign the CARTA package
      • Development Discussions:
        • Should we remove AST from the system?
        • File Output needs attention
      • Decision: We have agreed to follow radio convention and have the FOV remain constant when resizing.
      • Action: Management decide what platforms are to be supported (RH and OS X are required, which versions and how many).
    • Other Issues:
      • Action: Adrianna, add “safety” mechanism to the caching system. Consider keeping the modification date and perhaps a hash of the first N-kBytes.
      • Action: Working group to clearly what quantity is conserved (wCS or pixel) when an image is resized.
      • Decision: Agreed with the save proposal for WYSIWYG mode, but must also support the “batch mode” interface for pipeline support.
    • Performance Issues:
      • Discussion: New image format for big images? SKA still in discussion HDF5,vs JPEG 2000. HDF5 may be an option.
      • Road Map for addressing performance:
        • Make current implementation saturate the I/O subsystem (ACDC)
          • May look at annotation based threading to achieve this.
        • Start looking toward the cluster backend approach (IDIA), MPIO, etc
        • Focus on an improved contour algorithm (appropriate DS9?)
      • Decision: Implement an successive approximation approach to the data extrema. architecturally this goes through the cacheing mechanism.
      • Decision: Investigate and start using OMP4 pragmas for vector processing in anticipation of a gcc version .
  • Deferred
    • Keep Server
    • Python Interface

1. New feature Discussion (Stability & bug fix are higher priority than new, so will not focus on new feature discussion too much)
  1. Interactive clean
  2. Channel map
  3. Erik's Features requests
  4. open discussion
2. review Python interface (kuo-song:hard to implement. grimmer: the reason is Data flow issues, will introduce it. Also current python interface does not have interactive interface)
3. Keep Server? kuo-song: desktop vs server ---> should we unify it to server only? for the "desktop" version, we can simply run a local server
4. Keep pureweb? kuo-song: pureweb ---> I think we should discuss the plan and approach to replace pureweb, and how share-session works (like the current mode, or restrict share mode, or something else) for the new replacement.

1. CASA (maybe move to day-1?)
Ask Casa's team to give an introduction about Casa APIs, current casa's HPC progress, if possible.
2. CI & CD update & Discussion.


  • Handling of data types including COMPLEX, Concatenated images, Boolean images, Images with pixels masks
  • Displaying pixel masks
  • Aligning images of different pixel grids
  • Aligning contours on images of different pixel grids.
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