Thursday Morning Meeting 29 June 2017

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News / Meetings / Visitors

  • Chin-Fei (ASIAA) - Socorro this week
  • Tuesday, July 4 - NRAO Holiday

Build, Release

  • CASA 5.0 - almost out, release next week
  • CASA 5.1
    • Autoboxing - tclean issues
    • Statwt
    • Polarization calibration
    • n sigma thresholds, n x rms
    • multi-ms ephemeris
    • Parallelization

Verification Testing

  • Recent pull requests
    • CAS-10299 (blocks CAS-9955, which is a 5.1 blocker) - delete ASAP related tests
      • Pull request was approved, results?
    • CAS-10309 - Move MPI test up the test suite chain (see next bullet point)
  • MPI test has been moved in to Test Suite 3, critical
    • It passing will be required before making a package available (like all critical tests)
    • We will watch its performance, with the expectation that it will do well, and can eventually be upgraded to Test Suite 2

Validation Testing



  • nothing last week.


  • Updates on other main dev topics ?
    • Statwt - Dave ?
    • Polarization cal ( George is away - top 2 or three issues proceeding as planned )
    • Pipeline parallelization ( anything major other than Imaging ?)
    • Async I/O - Martin ?
    • Imaging development :
      • 1 feature for VLASS (N-sigma thresholds) and 1 for ALMA (multi-ms ephemeris table support) )
      • Supporting tclean tests (especially with parallelization). Will talk with the (remaining) imaging team to divide the work. At least two issues are blocking further testing by the HPC group and PLWG.


  • Significant de-scoping of ALMA Cycle5 interferometry project lifecycle requirements
  • VLASS calibration and imaging pipeline discussions and development (primarily Claire, Raphael, Brian, Joe)
  • ALMA interferometry development
    • Corrected amplitude / model based flagging task
    • Imaging precheck task
    • Auxiliary data handling improvements
    • QA / AQUA report generation improvements
  • ALMA single dish development
    • Investigation of memory usage issues
  • Various planning meetings


Developer Reports

Thursday Meeting
  • Sanjay Bhatnagar
  • Sandra Castro
    • Discussing with Sanjay on how to take the exposure into account in the returned Matrix of MSSelection::getTimeList(). Flagdata list mode needs a way to understand if the timerange has a bracket notation (include exposure) or not. CAS-10142
    • Support to Dave on the inclusion of flagbackup in statwt2.
    • Following up on Dirk's pull request with a modification to casacore.
    • going through JIRA fix version and setting them accordingly.
  • Lindsey Davis
    • Improvements to ALMA pipeline auxiliary products handling
    • QA2 flagging support
    • many discussions and meetings
  • Pam Ford
    • transitioned unresolved 5.0 tickets to 5.1
    • ms tool refactoring:
      • fixed MSContinuumSubtractor::subtract2 (CAS-8283 Under Validation)
      • set channel-averaged flagged data to zero in ms.selectchannel2/getdata2 as in selectchannel/getdata (CAS-10316 waiting for Branch Package)
    • atmospheric curve (CAS-9053) in progress
  • Enrique Garcia
  • Bob Garwood
    • CAS-7861 CASA dies on VLA ephemeris datasets. This was thought to be finished, but a new bug turned up when it was retested. This new bug is related to same root cause in CAS-9288. It's a simple fix, but I need to do a more thorough job of looking for other similar problems elsewhere in the filler and some code archaeology to understand when the new bug arose.
    • Feedback on planned ASDM changes.
    • Ongoing work on the planned asdm model and generated code move.
    • Some GBT-related sdfits work.
  • Kumar Golap
  • Jeff Kern
  • David Mehringer
  • George Moellenbrock
  • Dirk Petry
  • Martin Pokorny
    • Started implementation of async vi2
  • Federico M Pouzols
    • CAS-9853 "mstransform (regridms=True) implementation of correct gridding" merged into 5.0. Created CAS-10331 replica for master/CASA 5.1. Does this need validation, or just PR straight after my verification?
    • CAS-5727 "Flagdata's scan list in log-reports per chunk" - ready to validate.
    • Working on CAS-9089. Next, RFlag tickets ( CAS-5808, CAS-5809) and parallel tasks init CAS-9871.
  • Urvashi Rao * Meetings, JIRA. * Discussions and some minor debugging for : (increased mosaic memory use, problems with restarts, subtle numerical issue with parallel imaging on very large datasets (float precision?) ) * Some discussion with Takeshi/Kumar/Sanjay/Tak about how best to add the SD gridder into the refactored imager so that it plays well with the rest of the system and opens up options for new algorithms. * Continued work with 2 summer students. Iterated with helpdesk about a replacement work laptop.
  • Darrell Schiebel
  • Ville Suoranta
  • Takahiro Tsutsumi
    • Worked on predcitcomp unit test
    • Investigated Claire's automask issue
    • Attended ngVLA workshop

Friday NAOJ Meeting
  • Kanako Sugimoto
    • Started to work on sideband separation algorithm ( CAS-8091)
    • Reviewed 5.1 targets
      • 4 plone document tickets assigned to NAOJ members who left CASA team. Commented on ticket to see how Jen wants to proceed. But the document should not be updated for 5.1 now anyways...
      • Reassigned tickets Erik had.
  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Masaya Kuniyoshi
  • Takeshi Nakazato
    • completed CAS-10039 and CAS-10267
    • discussion on migration of sdimaging task to synthesisimager tool (today?)
    • worked on importnro bug (CAS-10330)
    • set up macOS 10.12 development environment (related to sdimaging intermittent failure)
  • Renaud Miel
    • CAS-8082 Bug fixes ongoing, communication with tester (Eiji Akiyama)
    • Git migration / Eclipse. Build environment update (shell scripts -> Makefile)
  • SD + Imager

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