Thursday Morning Meeting 22 June 2017

  • IP:
  • Phone: (434) 817-6524


  • Socorro: Morgan, Jeff, LINdsey, Martin, Urvashi, George, Juergen, + CARTA team (x5)
  • CV: Dave, Anand, Darrell, Akeem, Andy
  • Garching: Sandra
  • SCO:

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • CARTA - Socorro - June 19-23
  • Chin-Fei Lee - Socorro - June 27-28
  • Joe & Brian K. - Socorro - ~last week of June

Build, Release

  • 5.0
    • CAS-10121
    • Cas-8592 - not going to worry about this
    • Cas-3458 - under validation, Remy working on it
    • Cas-8050 - good to go
    • Plone - will make snapshot tomorrow
  • 5.1
    • Look at next 5 or 6 weeks and map out what you will be working on. Urvashi will talk with everyone to make sure highest priority items are covered.
    • Anand will create a 5.NEXT fixVersion for moving out of scope 5.1 items.

Verification Testing

  • CAS-10299: In the process of removing and adding SD tests in the framework, in preparation of removing ASAP
    • Current status is pull request is open
  • MPI tests are failing, due to not being able to import sdimprocess_pg - could be related to changes ASAP
  • Looking at parallel python and HTCondor as a way to run tests in parallel (using different threads, and a queuing system)

Validation Testing

  • no current showstoppers in VB2 tclean testing, autoboxing, or simulations
  • plone
    • no individual pages are blocking except for the CASA Help page, which Anand is writing, and Visibility Data Selection, which I am going to try to fix during the flight home tomorrow
    • CAS-10121, ready for testing in the pre-release branch (Anand)
  • mstransform issues with averaging
    • CAS-9853 mstransform (regridms=True) implementation of correct gridding (issues reported, including with weights column)
  • MSSelector testing
    • CAS-8050 Remove obsolete MS selection framework MSSelector from ms tool (Tom) (if this is replacing functionality in 5.0, which was my understanding, but Pam is clarifying)



  • Verifying the failures in mpi parallel tests. They are caused by the renaming of task sdimprocess to sdfixscan. This renaming should also be added to the file in mpi4casa/ I will fix it in a new branch of the same ticket and create a pull request.


  • CASA 5.1
    • Parallel Cube tclean ( rework vs bugfixes, and consequences for the testing group and pipeline )


  • Review of pending ALMA Cycle 5 issues and tickets
  • CASA 5.1. issues
    • tlcean convergence in HPC mode
    • multi-ms ephemeris object support
    • msmd memory issues


Developer Reports

Thursday Meeting
  • Sanjay Bhatnagar
  • Sandra Castro
  • Lindsey Davis
    • Catch up on pipeline issues after vacation
    • Discussions with ESO team on HPC and uvcontsub related issues
    • Review of Cycle 5 tickets
    • Discussions with Remy on Cycle 5 tickets
    • Discussion with Rachel on ALMA infrastructure / build / release issues
    • Removed remaining pipeline dependencies on analysisUtils
    • Added support for ASDM QA2 flags
  • Pam Ford
    • fixed test_plotweather
    • responded to validation testing for ms tool refactoring (CAS-8050 and CAS-8283)
    • continued work on plotting atmospheric curve (CAS-9053)
    • hiring committee for CARTA UI position
    • interesting talks on Scrum and async vi2
  • Enrique Garcia
  • Bob Garwood
  • Kumar Golap
  • Jeff Kern
  • David Mehringer
  • George Moellenbrock
    • CAS-10139: new refant 'strict' mode almost ready for validation; introduced some significant infrastructural changes to support generating test-worthy cal tables via SimpleSimVi2Parameters (i.e., don't need a MS, yet also sets a precedent for VI2-driven formation of caltable meta-data).
    • Some JIRA followup on VI2 discussions re continuing VI2 improvements. New epic: CAS-10292. Still a few things to add in from some residual pre-5.1 tickets (or parts thereof).
    • Reviewed Martin's AsyncVii design.
    • Some prep work for my talk at Brandeis next week
  • Dirk Petry
  • Martin Pokorny
    • created casa-5.0.0 branch in casacore
    • applied casacore commit of Dirk's to casa-5.0.0 branch
    • presented design for async vi2
    • continued implementation of async vi2
    • merged casacore pull request from David for CAS-10150
  • Federico M Pouzols
    • CAS-9853 "mstransform (regridms=True) implementation of correct gridding" - issues with zero weights fixed, and related...
    • CAS-10283 "wt extrapolation explodes to >1e34 values" also seems fixed in the CAS-9853 branch.
    • CAS-5727 "Flagdata's scan list in log-reports per chunk" - fixed, ready for testing.
    • CAS-8461 "flagdata mode="summary" ignores antenna selection" - I think the current code does the right thing.
    • CAS-9089 "automatic generation of antenna position corrections from web service / ALMA TMCDB" - adding and double-checking correct formulation of position differences.
    • Thanks Socorro colleagues for all the interesting discussions last couple of weeks!
  • Urvashi Rao
    • CARTA+Interactive Imager : Got a local CASA build going for James Dassoulas, started work (with Darrell) to resurrect an old prototype of asynchronous interaction.
    • Other work : Met with Jeff for information transfer regarding sci/tech development plans for 5.1 and beyond, continued to mentor two summer students daily, attended/examined a remote PhD student viva, did some (ongoing) work for a hiring committee.
  • Darrell Schiebel
    • identifying unused source files
    • identifying duplicately named source files
    • little work on interactive clean
    • exploring python module builds
    • hiring chores -- gui developer
    • async vi/vb review
    • doc tweaks
    • shepherding crash rpt and doc changes
  • Ville Suoranta
  • Takahiro Tsutsumi
    • Robust flux scale bootstrapping (CAS-9186) - pushed the initial implementation
Friday NAOJ Meeting
  • Kanako Sugimoto
    • started a process to update ATM library in CASA 5.1 ( CAS-9958): contacted TELCAL team. JUL-TELCAL release deadline is Jul. 3rd.
  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Masaya Kuniyoshi
  • Takeshi Nakazato
    • worked on CAS-10267 (importasap crash)
    • setup 10.12 development environment to investigate intermittent failure of sdimaging unit test
    • memory consumption discussion on msmd tool (CAS-10150, CAS-10303)
  • Renaud Miel
    • CAS-8082 PlotMS Header: pushed minor bug fix, run unit tests, updated ticket with testing recommendations
    • Ordered new NAOJ CASA development server, purchase ongoing
    • Created new NAOJ CASA download count script. NAOJ download site will support https in addition to ftp starting from next week.
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