• Tuesdays 9am Socorro/11am Charlottesville/17 Europe (15 UT)
  • reservations are in for Socorro Rm 317, Charlottesville Rm 331 (an exception is tomorrow, June 13, where only CV-Auditorium will be available
  • We will be using the Socorro 317 videocon hub: SO-317-hub,Phone: +1-434-817-6523
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  Morgan Griffith  
DONE Urvashi Rao Venkata  
  Darrell Schiebel  
  Lindsey Davis  
DONE Anand Crossley  
DONE Juergen Ott  
DONE Sandra Castro  
  Kana Sugimoto  
  Chin-Fei Lee  
  Jen Donovan Meyer apologies; in Baltimore at a review panel meeting


  • Future CCT meetings:
    • No CCT meeting next week.
    • Urvashi requested changing the day of the CCT meeting to Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Friday is not possible for Sandra.
  • Discussion of meeting purpose and necessity.
    • Generally agreed:
      • meeting minutes should be openly available to the rest of the CASA team.
    • Differing opinions:
      • Concern that developers may feel left out of discussion and decision making process. Also concerned about duplicating meeting discussions.
      • We often do not discuss everything on the agenda in the CASA team meeting. Moving management items to the CCT meeting might free up time in the CASA team meeting.
      • The CCT should shield developers from high-level management discussions (e.g. SKA MSv3) until they are matured enough to warrant announcement.
      • Some developers might be glad to be excused from discussions that do not involve them.
      • Might be good to replace the CASA team meeting with weekly sub-group meetings. This was not agreed by all members.
    • We agreed to pass notes from the discussion to Morgan for a decision.
  • Coordination between regional groups
    • Not yet clear how we will coordinate with EA groups, but would be good to include them as much as possible.
    • Might want to have a once-per-month meeting of the full CCT and on other weeks the group lead could act as a liaison between EA and NA/EU groups.
  • We might want to encourage scheduling of one-off meetings to coordinate between team members as indicated by the RACI matrix.
  • General agreement that it would be good to have a face-to-face meeting at least every other year.
  • Overlap with other groups:
    • Would be good to have more overlap between CASA team and Pipeline team.
    • CASA Developer Talks might be a good forum for bringing together CASA and pipeline developers. Suggested topics: pipeline development (by Lindsey), SRDP (by Jeff).
  • 5.0 Release Status
    • Imaging -- autoboxing fix was committed last night
    • Documentation
      • Anand will be following up today on doc() command status
      • Also, need to do final review of content, including publishing 5.0 pages
  • CASA 5.1 focus items:
    • pipeline
    • VLASS
    • VI/VB2
    • parallelization -- Urvashi will follow up with Jeff
    • statwt
    • polarization
    • workflow/testing
    • others?
      • will cvel refactoring move to 5.2 due to lack of requirements up till now?

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