Monday Morning Meeting 13 July 2017

  • IP:
  • Phone: (434) 817-6524


  • Socorro:Urvashi, Tak, Pam
  • CV: Anand, Akeem, Andy, Bob, Bjorn, Ville
  • Garching: Sandra, Federico,Enrique
  • SCO: Jen

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • Welcome to Bjorn Emonts! - Charlottesville - CASA Liason
  • Next two weeks - CASA Lead in-person interviews - one or two in CV, one in Socorro
  • CASA 5.0 inching it's way out the door - release looks solid, Juergen will deploy upon his return (if not sooner)

Build, Release

  • 5.0 Has been released
  • 5.1 First Official release notes are available. Workflow for 5.1. is on course
  • Pipeline does not get officially released with 5.0

Verification Testing

  • CAS-10120 - Unit test for buildmytasks
    • Unscheduled until we can figure out a method to test CASA executables outside of CASA (e.g. tablebrowser, buildmytasks, casaviewer, casalogger, etc.)
  • CAS-10334 - lightweight version of mpi4casa
    • New branch to build and test it on, due to current workflow (though it's a minor fix)
    • Currently testing it on a branch now to add to master later
    • An issue on the OSX run, but not significant, since we don't do MPI on OSX, yet
  • CASAguide updates (on the ALMA side)
    • ALMA guides will not be updated for 5.0
    • Expected to be updated for 5.1
    • Anybody know the VLA casguide status?
  • CAS-10367 - return asdmSummary binary to the CASA distribution
    • This needs to be done before the unit test for asdmsummary can be added (CAS-9883)
  • Suggested to use ‘feature’ or ‘bugfix’ when naming a prefix for branches because those workflows are clearly defined. The others are in undefined states. Need to define a state for ‘engineering tasks’ suggested to add ‘task’ prefix

Validation Testing

  • Final last minute testing on 5.0 on OSX. Nothing serious to stop release. Effort on pipeline testing
  • Statwt testing on 2nd tester.
  • Low on resources, looking for testers not on pipeline testing



  • mpi4casa framework
    • Branch type: if one cannot use the Custom type, why does it exist in the first place? In my ticket CAS-10334 to create a new test for the system, which for me is a type "task" not feature or bugfix , I created a branch type custom and of course I don't expect Bamboo to run any tests on it. Why should I now change the branch type?
    • ALMA pipeline testing


    • Statwt
      • Only 1 development ticket left : running time windows. All others under validation by B.Mason (Jen - perhaps we need someone from VLA too?)
      • Two addressed as 'wont fix' : CAS-7746 (special case for single channel data) and CAS-10018 (combine across spw)

    • Polarization Calibration : 2 dev items ongoing and nearly completed (i.e. on track, even though GM leaves for 2 weeks)

    • Imager ( 9 out of the 12 'Imager_BugFixes_5.1' tickets are being addressed. 0 of 2 development items have begun. )
      • Aftermath of backed out changes : Master OK for pipeline, Fix for unrelated bug by MP - ready for pull to master ?
      • Parallel Continuum : CAS-9787 : Fixed, and under validation. ( One more left : CAS-10337; SB is looking at it )
      • Parallel Cube : CAS-10078 : Bug disappeared (Tak/Sandra?). Start scientific testing now ?
      • CAS-10318 : Divergence upon restart : Under investigation by UR.
      • Autoboxing tests : New algorithmic issues coming up. Tak working with Amanda.
      • KG's list (when he returns) : Speed issues with FIELD table access, re-fix of CAS-10280/10348, mosaic slowdown investigation.


    • Official ALMA cycle 5 testing started. Tests mostly worked. Some trouble in SB, changes to OT. Looking through data. Trouble getting Tsys into data (issue with 12m data).
    • CASA HPC hopes to resolve items that are blocking pipeline testing


    • When are the 5.2 stakeholder requirements expected to come in ? Main topics of focus ?
      • CASA internal stakeholders: Group has been labelling JIRA tickets to track requirements
      • Will Look for more detailed answers (perhaps from Juergen or Morgan) May need to draft requirements into a document and send around
      • Next stakeholders meeting: Anand to reply on date

    • Workflow for JIRA tickets internal to the team ? Not everything needs to go via stakeholder validation, or perhaps better control on what types of queries/issues actually become JIRA tickets that are tracked through all the workflow stages ?
      • Non-features or bugfixes that still need testing. Can move straight to ready to validate. If it doesn't required user testing group, it should be labeled a engineering task.
      • Should questions from users become JIRA tickets? Suggest make ticket, answer question, close ticket.
      • Bjorn may be new resource for deciding helpdesk tickets to JIRA workflow

    • Kana needs write access to CASA Guides site. To follow up with Josh Malone)
    • Why sometimes bamboo ignores or forgets to build the package branches (for the first time: CAS-5727, or after new commits: CAS-9089). Random glitches, or some bug that we could try to circumvent?
      • Perhaps Issue Matching tickets that are features but branches are bugfixes. Ville to take a look at issues with CAS-9089.

    Developer Reports

    Monday Meeting
    • Sanjay Bhatnagar
    • Sandra Castro
      • Deferred CAS-10142 to 5.2 as the pipeline doesn't need it in 5.1.
      • While creating a test for flagdata using a virtual MODEL column (CAS-4888), I realised that flagdata should fail when datacolumn="RESIDUAL" is requested and the MS doesn't have a MODEL or virtual MODEL column. Right now it doesn't fail because the VI2 creates a unit point source model for the calibrations. George created a ticket to take the flagdata case into account in the VI2 and I will in the meantime make flagdata fail in the absence of such column(s). CAS-10383.
      • Working on Plone documentation - CAS-9950: include the flagging developer notes into Plone.
    • Lindsey Davis
    • Pam Ford
      • plotms overlays (atmospheric transmission, sky temperature) ready for validation (CAS-9053)
      • investigating flag extensions and resultant changes in amplitude, probably due to vector averaging (CAS-9879)
    • Enrique Garcia
    • Bob Garwood
      • Discussions on proposed ASDM changes. At least 2 expected for the next ALMA COMMON release. Resulting new shared/generated code should move to CASA as soon as possible (hopefully for 5.1).
      • asdmSummary issues. Should be fixed, not yet verified.
      • Various GBT issues. Some in preparation for their planned release later this summer.
    • Kumar Golap
    • Jeff Kern
    • David Mehringer
    • George Moellenbrock
    • Dirk Petry
    • Martin Pokorny
    • Federico M Pouzols
      • CAS-9089 "Automatic Generation of Antenna Position Corrections for ALMA" - ready for validation. Calculation results look sensible in principle.
      • CAS-10283: "wt extrapolation explodes to >1e34 values" - seems fixed after the changes in mstransform regridding, but waiting for validation of CAS-10221 in CASA 5.1/master to re-validate.
      • CAS-10078: "ALMA pipeline triggers non-convergence of parallel-cube imaging" - testing datasets from CAS-9519 after the "magic" fix.
      • Working on CAS-5808, CAS-5809 - RFlag "AIPS friendly" options and interface.
    • Urvashi Rao
      • Some debugging for CAS-9787, CAS-10318 and failing acceptance tests (now waiting on MP's fix).
      • Various discussions : statwt ( with Dave and stakeholders Emmanuel and Claire ), HPC issues ( with James Robnett and Kumar ), responded to 'input required' on a couple of tickets, CARTA+InteractiveImager (with Erik/Jamie).
      • More summer student work. One left yesterday => some casa code work can begin now.
    • Darrell Schiebel
    • Ville Suoranta
    • Takahiro Tsutsumi
      • Looked into parallel cube tclean issue (CAS-10078)
      • Created test_predictcomp
      • Fixed the fluxscale bug (CAS-10227)
    Friday NAOJ Meeting
    • Kanako Sugimoto
    • Wataru Kawasaki
    • Masaya Kuniyoshi
    • Takeshi Nakazato
    • Renaud Miel

    -- UrvashiRV - 2017-07-12
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