Monday Morning Meeting -- 11 January 2016

  • USA Toll Free Number: 866-901-8266
  • USA Toll Number: +1-203-566-3863


  • Socorro: Jeff, Juergen, Jim, Martin, Lindsey, George, Tak, Susan, Pam
  • CV: Darrell, Ville, Akeem, Andy, Dave, Jen
  • Garching: Julian, Dirk, Sandra, Justo
  • SCO:

News / Meetings / Visitors

  • Paul Rosen Colloquium on the 22nd

Build, Release

  • Linux is now using make app script
  • Patches for 4.5.1
    • imregrid issue ready to move to 4.5.1
    • Filler issue is ok as well.

Verification Testing

  • Starting to get some green boxes in the test-summary:
    • Thanks to everyone who got the tests in the green!
    • Last one failing on RH: pipeline test
  • Discussed with Darrel and Ville about hardware needs for testing:
    • Additional OSX machines are needed
    • Replace warp with new hardware to run automated builds and smoke tests under RH 6 and RH 7

Validation Testing


  • Technical Forums:
  • Crash Reporter is in progress, probably based on google breakpad.


  • Work is in progress on several items: new separation axis in partition to support single-dish MMS; changes to mpi4casa; adapting alma-m100 regression to use tclean; changes in MMS structure
  • We plan to have a telecon in 2 weeks.



  • CASA 4.5.1 / pipeline C3R4 released just before Christmas
    • setjy patch tested
    • tclean channel chunking patch tested
    • issues: imregrid memory usage, tclean table caching, image sensitivity calculation
  • CASA 4.6 test tarball, repackaging causes import errors


Developer Reports

Monday Meeting
  • Sanjay Bhatnagar
  • Sandra Castro
    • Need input from Jeff and George on CAS-7890, the new baseline/antenna axis in partition to support single-dish MS.
    • The MMS structure needs a change. The subtables of the subMSs need to be symbolic links to the first subMS to avoid inconsistencies in the MMS if any sequential tool modifies a subtable later. But this is showing problems with setjy, which edits the SOURCE table even when usescratch=True. Task setjy only runs in parallel if usescratch=True, but even in this case, the Imager::open method tries to remove any OTF model in the SOURCE table. This causes a deadlock in some of the MPI Servers that open the MS. Work is in progress....
    • Discussions with Julian on the I/O Performance project implementation plan.
  • Lindsey Davis
    • reviewed status of interferometry pipeline jira tickets
    • implemented support for simple calibrator source models (reference frequency, stokes parameters, spectral index) in interferometry tasks
    • cleaned up pipeline setjy task, implemented a more general setmodels task
    • discussed proposed frequency selection syntax changes with Sanjay (before Christmas)
    • discussed ms selection framework changes with Sanjay and Pam (before Christmas), pipeline use ms tool iterator
    • discussed calibrator model issues with George, specifically smodel parameter in bandpass and point source model setter in cb tool
  • Pam Ford
    • CAS-7320 RTT- Support MS Selection by FEED
      • Created github account, pull request for MSFeedSelection branch
      • Parser uses flex/bison, selection string is a simplified form of antenna selection: [!]FEED[<OP>[FEED]] where FEED is a single INT (index), list, or range; and OP is '&', '&&' or '&&&' similar to cross/auto-correlation with antenna IDs
    • CAS-8231 - Add MS Feed selection to plotms - code ready to go when MS Feed selection added to NRAO casacore
    • CAS-8050: Remove obsolete MS selection frameworks (MSSelector) - in progress
      • This class is not only for selection but also for iteration and data I/O via Records
      • Used in low-level MSLister, MSSummary, MSRange, and MSFlagger (casacore); high-level MSContinuumSubtractor (code) and ms tool (gcwrap)
      • Need to discuss "Remove" with Jeff w.r.t backwards-compatibility discussion with Jim about changing code in casacore
    • Created personal git repo for casa code
  • Kumar Golap
  • Justo Gonz├ílez Villalba
  • Jim Jacobs
    • Cleanup of VI/ TVI
  • Jeff Kern
    • Holiday past
  • Susan Loveland
    • Stats plugin for CARTA, plugin for CASA regions.
    • UI issues with statistics
  • David Mehringer
    • (CAS-8208) imregrid allocates more memory than available: RTT. Should now be fixed.
    • (CAS-8218) imstat Returns Intensity In Place Of Flux. Investigated. Not a bug as far as I can tell.
    • (CAS-8229) ia.pad() does not mask properly: RTT. Should now be fixed.
  • George Moellenbrock
    • VI2 targets in Jira, working on Calibrating.
  • Dirk Petry
    • Working with Michel on fix to lazy filler.
  • Martin Pokorny
    • Visstat2 making progress, unit test in progress.
    • Changes in tClean, and questions about how to mix MPI and non-MPI builds.
  • Urvashi Rao
  • Darrell Schiebel
    • switched standard linux binary tar distribution to make-app
  • Ville Suoranta
    • Time learning Bamboo and other tools.
  • Julian Taylor
    • committed fix for CAS-7259, cvel2 flagging overlapping spw channels due to rounding error
  • Takahiro Tsutsumi
    • Sick for a few days
    • Fixed a test_gencal failure, responded to some emails
Friday NAOJ Meeting
  • Kanako Sugimoto
  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Masaya Kuniyoshi
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Renaud Miel

-- PamFord - 2016-01-08
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