How To Setup An Enterprise Linux 6 CASA Development Computer

This page describes how to install CASA 3rd party packages required for CASA development.

  • Tested on NRAO computers configured per NRAO conventions.
  • There are dependencies on *-devel-* rpms that Redhat does not install as part of a "Software Development Workstation" installation. These are available from Redhat, but may not be available on the install DVD.
  • NOT TESTED on "vanilla" Enterprise Linux 6.


  1. CASA development on Enterprise Linux requires an x86_64 CPU.

Before You Begin

  1. You must have access to root on the computer to be setup.
  2. The computer to be setup must have been installed as a Software Development Workstation. These instructions only describe how to install CASA specific 3rd party packages.

Configure yum repository

Create /etc/yum.repos.d/casa.repo

cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/casa.repo << EOM
name=CASA RPMs for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (x86_64)

Remove Conflicting rpms


Install rpms

yum -y install casa-toolset-2
yum install libicu-devel

Get CASA Data

Developers using NRAO EL6 development systems in CV and DSOC do not have to manage their own copy of CASA data. This is available on the NRAO network in CV and DSOC in /home/casa/data/.

CASA requires a set of data to run. CASA tests require a much larger set of data to pass. See Obtaining CASA Data Repository for a full description of the CASA Data Repository.

The CASA Data Repository now contain 112 GiB of data. Most developers only need one copy. Choose a convenient location to keep a checked out copy shared between CASA builds, and use Subversion to check out to a directory named "data". If you plan to build CASA using the Build Tool Wrappers (see below), see instructions at the end of Configuring Build Tool Wrappers for setting defaultCasaDataPath.

Build CASA

For instructions on building CASA, see How To Build CASA Using Build Tool Wrappers.

-- ScottRankin - 2013-12-17
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