Monday Morning Meeting 2/11/19

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  • Phone: (434) 817-6524

News / Management


  • Calibration and Flagging
    • N/A
  • Imaging
    • N/A
  • Measurement Set
    • N/A
  • Image Analysis and Casacore
    • N/A
  • Data Visualization
    • Plotms
      • Refactoring canvas properties for multi-plots (CAS-11927)
    • CARTA
      • Discussions about file browser access for desktop and server versions
  • CASA 6

Build / Testing

  • Infrastructure
    • N/A
  • Unit
    • N/A
  • Verification
    • Comparing differences in serial vs n>0 parallel in tclean
    • gaincal and uvsub tests done, accum in progress
    • uvmodelfit documentation doesn't seem to agree with the task
  • Validation -- tickets currently in validation states, aiming for 5.5. does not include PL tickets, and SD tickets below may be incomplete.
    • testing wiki:
    • Under Validation
      • CAS-10711 multiscale tclean writes model column differently depending on tclean finished by threshold or niter
      • CAS-11191 tclean mosaic gridder should be able to use VLA POINTING table properly averaging over visibility integration time
      • CAS-8619 Turn im.apparentsens into a CASA task
      • CAS-11460 im.apparentsens to use the regular channel selection syntax
      • CAS-11965 Fix fitspw issue on master
      • CAS-11547 Support WIDAR frequency averaged continuum data
      • CAS-8087 Support plotting pointing direction (R.A.-Dec.) by plotms
      • CAS-12168 L1 and outlier rejection implementation
      • CAS-10593 Make component list prediction with beam use frequency variation
      • CAS-12116 implement lpoli and tpoli in immath
      • CAS-12021 Add re-referencing support to fringefit task
      • CAS-12033 fix doc(...) command so that it always goes to online plone
      • CAS-12164 msmd.intentsforfield does not return all intents when the field argument is given as a name
      • CAS-11997 apply pbmask before pruning in auto-multithresh -- Claire Chandler
      • CAS-11988 (CAS-10294) Propagate spectral window subtable across TVIs -- Enrique Garcia
    • Ready to Validate
      • CAS-11501 connecting the dots for caltables in plotms -- Jennifer Meyer
      • CAS-10518 Reenable OpenMP in UVContsubTVI if possible -- Jennifer Meyer
      • CAS-11178 fix stand-alone viewer startup on linux -- Jennifer Meyer
      • CAS-12211 hsd_baseline aborted with the error "no such row" -- Daniel Tafoya
      • CAS-12205 plotms: unflag operation doesn't work when time average is ON

User Liaison Updates

Pipeline Updates

  • N/A

Single Dish Development (as of 2/7/19)
  • Wataru Kawasaki
    • CAS-11955 arbitrary ephemeris for tsdimaging: looking into test data
  • Takeshi Nakazato
    • 5.5 validation support
    • worked on some PRs (2 merged, 1 commented)
    • CAS-12199 squash OSX compiler warnings (singledishfiller): PR submitted
    • CAS-12065 PolAverageTVI subtable handling: just started
    • validated CAS-12205
  • Renaud Miel
    • CAS-8087Pointing plot
      • Pull request 854 accepted, merged into master
      • Next steps: add parameters description in Plone doc / plotms task description, add unit test
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-8418Higher order poinitng interpolation
      • Adding a new gtest_fixture to examin all direction-column, all antenna-id, all-row for getDirection() with interpolation. [ Suspened]
      • Revising to more compact code. Initial Test Completed. Adding irregular case handling, with status code for future [Working]
        • SplineInterpolation instances were initially allocated on smart-pointer, used on ordinary C pointer .
      • Adding 'Antenna and Pointing Access' class to simplify/reduce GTest code. [Done]
      • Simplifying Gtest code , using above the new class, delete obsoleted/duplicated code. [Working one by one]
    • Obtaining higher C++skills, (OOD/OOP)
      • Studying "Design Pattern", "Analysis Pattern" in general. Studying basic or fundamental idea in OOP in C++
      • For a while from today, focus on various syles of constructor and initialization, seeking for well-designed interface between/among classes.
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