CASA Coordination Team - 21 December 2017 10:00 ET/8:00 MT/16:00 CET

Rooms: ER-245, SOC-280 Hub:

Phone: 434-817-6524


This week:
  • CASR Requirements migration
    • Juergen currently working, ~50 unscheduled feature tickets from CAS moved to CASR so far, many millions to go
    • Ask NAOJ about doing the same for SD
    • All pipeline tickets being left in CAS for now, all 5.3 tickets also being left in CAS
  • Second "Fast Track" CAS ticket workflow
    • No issues with grouping arbitrary number of tickets together in single branch for efficiency (developers discretion)
    • Stressed importance of validation in normal bug ticket workflow to provide some quality control on possible impacts elsewhere in the system
    • Acknowledged need for rapid turnaround of fixes in situations in which a PI is on hand or waiting for something specific, urged the use of branch builds whenever possible in these circumstances
    • Acknowledged some situations may warrant skipping of validation for bug fixes, also acknowledged that this already occurs through labeling of things as engineering tasks
      • Will draft formal process blessing this practice for bug fixes as well but only for specific and limited cases, intended to be used sparingly
  • CARTA requirements traceability
    • Not discussed
  • Future HPC testing post 5.2
    • Manual pipeline testing from Sandra and Federico is being automated
    • Automated tests will eventually be migrated to Bamboo, some of which will be run as standard regression, some may be optional or more judiciously executed
    • The four lustre nodes utilized by HPC will also be made available to Bamboo for automated HPC testing (as well as the other standard regression tests)
    • Anticipate continued need for the four lustre nodes and ~50TB disk space for the forseable future
    • Anticipate continued need for HPC support from Sandra/Federico for 5.3 and beyond, but in a reduced capacity as automation grows
  • FY18 Major Milestone Dates/Planning
    • Not discussed
Longer Term:
  • CASA requirements specifications
  • Development/test/release paradigms for CASA vs Pipeline
    • integrated or separate build/test system?
    • integrated or separate releases / development cycles?
    • development schedules and better understanding of % complete
  • Solidifying definition of "verification" test and what is expected from it versus validation
  • Mapping requirements to verification test coverage
  • Developing / maintaining tests to fill holes in verification test coverage
  • Roll out / Evolution Plan (5.3 and beyond)
-- RyanRaba - 2017-12-20
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