Monday Morning Meeting 12/09/19


News / Management
  • Astropy meeting in Socorro this week: some CASA discussions on Wednesday
  • CASA 6.0 release announcement soon
  • CASA 6.1/5.7 development winddown, testing ramp up next month
  • NRAO people: do your ETK before leaving for holiday vacation

Science Development

  • Calibration, Flagging, Imaging, Analysis, Simulation


  • Build/test environment, packaging, tools, branching, etc
  • Import / Export
  • CASA6
  • CNGI

Data Visualization

  • PlotMS, CARTA, anything else with a GUI

Verification Testing

  • CAS-12823 - Have estimated the size of the data used by our tests (those run by Bamboo): ~ 60Gb
    • it is still possible to decrease this by light refactoring of some tests using large datasets.
    • next step is to estimate the size of the datasets for our new tests.
  • casaTestHelper initial structure has been added to git. It will be an independent module similar to casampi.
  • Discussing possible ways to test casalith
    • Using task.last; using Python mocking to test task xml defaults
  • Test execution, Issues
    • Same as last week + test_importasdm in parallel on a EL6 VM

Validation Testing

User Liaison Updates

Single Dish Development (12/05/19)

  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Takeshi Nakazato
    • reading CASA Verification Testing Confluence
    • confirmed that tsdimaging is available on both master (CASA 6.1) and pipeline-validation (CASA 6.0.1-8)
    • CAS-12820 make outframe case-insensitive: internal code review ongoing
    • CAS-12821 add nrobeamaverage to CASA 6: done verification
  • Renaud Miel
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-12721 sdtimeaverage
      • Built casa6 development environment. (Done)
      • Confirmed basic behavior on CASA5 (python 2 base) (Done)
      • Migrated sdtimeaveraging (task_, test_, xml) on casa6 (Done)
      • Trascribing and editing theTest Programm ( (In progress)
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