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  • Phone: (434) 817-6524

News / Management
  • UVcontsub development for 5.5 (CAS-12099) - Enrique or Federico?
  • Imaging ticket CAS-7210 now blocker for ALMA - Kumar is already working, status?
  • JAO 1GB Problem from Torque - 5.6 resurrect CAS-5561 to consolidate settings in one spot, and be obvious about it at startup
  • CASA 6 config paradigm - Darrell
  • ObsMode7+8 final Go/No go meeting held on Oct. 29: meeting wiki(need authorization)
    • GO: B7 long baseline (C9 and 10) as the standard mode, harmonic B2B transfer (non-standard), Increase of data rate, OT should convey min/max requested beam size by PI
    • NO go: VLBI extention (passive phasing, B7, pulsar mode, nor spectral line observations), Polarization mosaicing
    • Decision Pending: TP orthogonal scans
    • Note: CASA simulator ticket will be created to update the receiver temperatures based on the actual measurement ( SCIREQ-858)
  • ALMA workflow stakeholder meeting held on Oct. 28 - plan to have operational softwares under the control of ICT is proposed by Rachel Rosen.


  • Calibration and Flagging
    • N/A
  • Imaging
    • automask
      • Fixed the sidelobe threshold value calculation (CAS-12013)
      • Work in progress to share image statistics information between nsigma threshold stopping and automask
      • Submitted ADASS proceedings for the automask poster (There will be no proceedings for Amanda’s presentation to avoid a prior publication conflict for the PASP paper in prep.)

  • Measurement Set
    • (CAS-10294) More work on propagation of subtables across TVIs. Since the new functionality adds new SPWs to existing ones, is there a SPW naming convention?
    • (CAS-9861) Some experimental implementation for "Support SPW with different number of channels"
  • Image Analysis and Casacore
    • (CAS-12095) better document immath mode='spix'. Motivated by questions raised in validation of CAS-11912. Docs updated, awaiting verification. (DM)
  • Data Visualization
    • squashed OSX clang compiler warnings in code/graphics. Completed. (DM)
  • CASA 6
    • split ia.subimage() and imsubimage tests into different test files. In progress. Awaiting merge of bug exposed in by test_ia_subimage. (DM)
    • split ia.rebin() and imrebin tests into different test files. Awaiting verification (DM)
    • split ia.pv() and impv tests into different files. Completed (DM)
    • seven remaining task test failures
setjy split tclean bandpass
partition flagdata mstransform  
    • Migrated two recently added tclean parameters to CASA6’s and enabled two tests for one of those. Remaining failures are for widefield imaging (4 failures and 2 errors).
    • EG: Can we run the C++ tests inside CASAtools?
    • SC: Is the history of tasks, tools and tests preserved in the new bitbucket modules for CASAtools and CASAtasks?
  • Other
    • Task subparameters:
      • Recent investigation of issues with subparameter defaults (see CAS-11979, originally to fix some MPI test failues) suggests that the mechanism to take values of task parameters from globals (old style...) doesn't work (or doesn't work as expected) for parameters declared as subparameters.
      • There are also inconsistencies with respect to the use of the "hidden" attribute of subparameters in some tasks (examples: simanalyze, tclean). It seems that inp() will anyway ignore "hidden" (in
      • Q: How does/will CASA 6 handle task subparameter default values?

Build / Testing

  • Infrastructure
    • N/A
  • Unit
    • N/A
  • Verification
    • N/A
  • Validation
    • OSX 10.14 user testing machine to be made available; when will there be relevant builds (after 5.4.1 release)?

User Liaison Updates

  • CASA proceedings ADASS submitted (copy attached) -- thanks all for feedback!
  • Internal complaints about nomenclature saved plotms files. Pipeline wanted antenna info added, so that is how the feature works now, but that can add up to long weird file names different from the requested output name.

Pipeline Updates

  • SRDP wave 1 scope modification: no data modification/selection capability in product download.
  • Monthly schedule defined and sent out (SRDP change may affect the schedule)

Single Dish Development
  • Wataru Kawasaki
    • CAS-11503 - user testing ok. made a pull request. merged by Ville. JIRA ticket now completed.
    • CAS-11955 - work started. looking into python codes of tsdimaging and tclean.
  • Takeshi Nakazato
  • Renaud Miel
    • NAOJ / HPC / Pipeline cluster: fixed Lustre crash issue
    • CAS-8087 Pointing plot / fix of GUI display/layout issues ongoing
    • CAS-12014Completed CASA6 development environment installation at NAOJ
      • Requires RHEL SCL license
      • Currently no RHEL SCL license at NAOJ. Installed Centos7 packages instead
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-11427 [Test Failed] , due to casacore intenal dead-lock ? INVESTIGATING
    • CAS-8418 Codeing Done, Run though test OK. making Coeffent table is Incorrect. need further DEBUG
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