Monday Morning Meeting 12/02/19


News / Management
  • Draft CASA Management Plan v0.3 circulated, edits underway
    • TBD: deployment of new JIRA workflow
  • CASA6?

Science Development

  • Calibration, Flagging, Imaging, Analysis, Simulation


  • Build/test environment, packaging, tools, branching, etc
  • Import / Export
  • CASA6
  • CNGI

Data Visualization

  • PlotMS, CARTA, anything else with a GUI

Verification Testing

  • We plan to have for 5.7/6.1:
    • We want to have a single test file for each task functional tests. New req tests will be merged with existing test file to create a single file.
    • Select e2e test scripts to run in Bamboo (also for casalith)
    • First stakeholders tests available for manual run (TBD automation)
    • Create a casatests module for test scripts of e2e, performance, stakeholders and pipeline (CAS-12802)
    • Create a new data repository for the test data (CAS-12823)
  • Test execution, Issues
    • Intermitent failure of test_tclean[test_widefield_aproj_mfs] in Suite 3 (run on casa5). It might be a race condition when running in parallel. I could reproduce it when running a few tests together. Forwarded to imaging team. It fails only in RHEL 7.
    • test_accor is failing in Bamboo Suite 4 (run on casa5); under investigation.
    • test_pipeline_vla is failing in Bamboo Suite 4 due to the tolerances of the RMS.

Validation Testing

User Liaison Updates

Single Dish Development (11/28/19)

  • Wataru Kawasaki
  • Takeshi Nakazato
    • added tsdimaging to CASA 6 package (both master and pipeline-validation)
    • reported sdimaging issue to CAS-12820: work in progress
    • CAS-12713 cubesource mode for tsdimaging: added parameter
  • Renaud Miel
  • Suminori Nishie
    • CAS-12721 sdtimeaverage (create New, based on
      • Test-run editted source on 5.7 environment, inspected output MS. <OK>
      • Building casa6 development environment. <looks OK, confirming now>
      • Migrating my source on casa6 <In progress>
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