CASA Software Engineering Project: Implement Consistent Package Names

Inconsistent CASA package names increase complexity and difficulty of packaging, publishing, and deploying CASA. They may also cause confusion for users and testers. All lead to wasted time. Reduce this waste by implementing consistent CASA package names.

Scope includes both packages including CASA code for users, and CASA 3rd party code for developers.

Status: See CAS-6268.


Members - actively working on this project.

Customers - providing requirements or approval.

  • CSSC
  • CASA Team
  • CASA Executive Comittee

Collaborators - may assist with project, but are not directly responsible for deliverables.

  • TBD


  1. Collect requirements now scattered between several e-mail discussions.
    1. Ask for review by CASA B&T team.
      • Allow up to one week for comments from this group.
    2. Ask for review by all CASA team.
      • Allow up to one week for comments from this group.
    3. Ask for review by CSSC members.
      • Allow for one week of comments.
  2. Settle on final set of requirements to be met by new naming convention scheme.
  3. Synthesize a design from the approved requirements.
    1. Ask for review by all CASA developers.
      • Allow up to one week for comments from this group.
  4. CASA Executive committee review and approval of proposed design.
  5. Implement in a practical time frame.
    • Interleave work on this project into gaps between higher priority tasks.



  1. A document describing CASA package naming conventions.
    • Concise and complete. With examples, must fit on one 8.5" x 11" printed page.
  2. Updated CASA packaging tools, including
    1. dmg package build scripts,
    2. rpm package build spec files,
    3. tar package build scripts,
    • more as we build out CASA support for other Linux distributions or other OS X package types (TBD).
  3. Scripts for mirroring CASA package repositories at remote sites.
    • Required now by NAOJ.
    • Can be used to reduce manual steps in deploying CASA tar packages at NRAO.
    • May be useful to other CASA users.






Project tasks are tracked with Jira sub-tasks under this project's master task. See CAS-6268.

-- ScottRankin - 2014-03-04
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