CASA Software Engineering Project: Complete the CASA 4.2.0 Release

Track work required to wrap up the CASA Release 4.2.0. This includes JIRA tickets for remaining issues, and any new tasks that come up.

Status: See CAS-6067.


  • CASA Developers
  • CASA Users

  • TBD


  1. Complete last critical bug fixes.
    • Done - based on prerelease-10 test results.
  2. Package and release EL5 rpms and Linux tar.
    • Publish prerelease-9 early in the week of 2013-01-27.
      • Done.
      • This is primarily to verify package builds, not CASA changes. There are only a few CASA changes since prerelease-8.
    • Publish prerelease-10 to test CAS-6070 around the middle of the week of 2013-01-27.
      • Done.
    • Start on release package immediately after publishing prerelease-10.
      • Done.
    • Distribute CASA 4.2.0 rpm and tar as soon as it is available.
      • Final acceptance tests running now.
    • During the CASA developer meeting on 2013-02-03, decide when to set CASA 4.2.0 as the default release version on the NRAO network .
  3. Resolve OS X issues.
  4. Package and release OS X 10.7 dmg.



  • EL5 rpms
  • Linux tar
  • OS X 10.7 dmg


New Requirements for the packge preparation process

  1. Automate building all docs.
    • exercise these tools for each active, test, and stable package.
  2. Branch all docs along with code for asap, casacore, code, and gcwrap.


Not tracked for this project.


Not tracked for this project.


Project tasks are tracked with Jira sub-tasks under this project's master task. See CAS-6067.

-- ScottRankin - 2014-01-22
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