Documentation Update Meeting – 6/3/2016

Attendance: Jeff Kern, Anand Crossley, Alan Gross, Jason Kritter, Juergen Ott

  • Contact form
    • Jason has added a contact form to the bottom of the plone page.
    • It would be helpful to automatically include in the form information about where the user was when the contact form was selected.
    • It is unclear whether this form should be integrated with the help desk. This is something we should discuss with Kelly.
  • Documentation for developers
    • Jason and Anand have been working independently on documentation for developers (instructions on how to create, review, update, etc. plone documentation).
    • Decision on whether or not devel docs should be included with CASA release was deferred.
    • Anand's documentation:
      • This page actually contains a subpage that is too deep.
    • Parameters for creating new pages:
      • We want all the documentation to be no more than 2 levels down from the main menu.
      • Do not create new entries in the main menu without approval.
    • Anand and Jason will work together to finish docs.
  • Task documentation view
    • Jason will move parameter descriptions to the same line as parameter names.
  • Styling
    • Juergen is working on a style guide.
    • Section heading styles will be updated to make H1 a smaller font size. The style guide can then directly editors to use H1 for the section headings.
    • Alan is bringing LEL documentation into Plone.
  • Harvesting of Plone documentation for inclusion in release package needs more thought.
  • Permissions
    • We need to confirm that content creators cannot change the theme.
  • Theme: Header menu should be made invisible if the current page has no headers.
  • Documentation tutorial
    • A ~1.5 minute video tutorial would be helpful. Interface is not intuitive for older users.
  • Subsequent meetings: Fridays @ 2pm MT, 4pm ET.
  • Very near-term schedule:
    • Jason and Anand will finish developer documentation next week.
    • Pam will be asked to begin her documentation task. See wiki for developer tasks.
    • Pam will provide feedback on her documentation experience.
    • Developer documentation will be updated as needed.
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