CASA Deprecation List

This page is intended to be a list of code modules, functionality, etc that is no longer of use and can be removed from the system. The basic workflow should be items are listed in the "Suggested for Removal" section, please try to be a precise as possible about exactly what is removed, not just what the user will see but also the code that will be changed. Once they have been discussed and agreed on we will create a Jira ticket and move them to the "Scheduled for Removal" section, and finally they will be moved to the "Removed" section (organized by release) to keep track of when they were actually removed.

Suggested for Removal

  • Support for binary image region files, requires CSSC approval
  • ia.toASCII()/ia.fromASCII()
  • plontant
  • plotcal
  • plotuv
  • msview
  • imview
  • csvclean
  • clearplot
  • msmoments
  • sdtpimaging

  • cp (calplot)

  • Hidden parameters in inp(task) ...replaced may be by indentation or just show all params

C++ classes
  • msvis/MSVis/VisSet
  • synthesis/TransformMachines/rGridFT
  • old codes in code/singledish EXCEPT for code/singledish/SingleDish
  • old codes in gcwrap/tools/singledish ECXEPT for gcwrap/tools/singledish/singledishms*
  • unittest.txt in gcwrap. This file is no longer utilized by our automated testing system, and the ownership of tests listed in it is now maintained elsewhere.

Scheduled for Removal


CASA 4.5

-- JeffKern - 2015-07-06
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