This is a copy of the plone documentation provided to selective users after the 5.0 rollout.

The crash reporter functionality is present in the 4.7 release of casapy and
also in the viewer.  This functionality is diabled by default.  When enabled
the feature will generate a crash dump whenever the program terminates abnormally
(e.g., unhandled C++ exception, segfault, etc.).  After the report is generated
it will be posted to a CASA site at the NRAO.

The instructions below describe how to enable the crash reporter and how to manually
trigger a crash dump.  Also described is a way to examine the workings of the
crash report poster (this is probably the most dependent on the users networking
environment and thus the hardest to be certain of) by looking at its log 

Beta-testing the CASA Crash Reporter in the 4.7 release:

1) Add a line to the CASA RC file (e.g., ~/.casarc or ~/.casa/rc:

UseCrashReporter: true

2) Start casa.  Notice that it says that the CrashReport is initialized.  Then
you can test it by manually triggering a segfault using the steps shown below.
These will trigger a segfault, create the crash dump and post it to the NRAO.

bash> casa


*** Loading ATNF ASAP Package...
*** ... ASAP (rev#38164) import complete ***
--> CrashReporter initialized.

CASA <2>: ut=utilstool()
CASA <3>: ut._trigger_segfault()
Failed to open curl lib from binary, use instead 
--> Now on to our untimely death ...
Segmentation fault

The "Failed..." message is on no consequence.  The final message needs to be
cleaned up and a message indicating the state of the posting could possibly be
written out to the terminal (the posting is done by a separate process since
the original failing process needs to be trusted as little as is possible).


3) Check to see if the report was posted successfully.  The Crash Report Poster
application sends the crash report to the NRAO; it will create a logfile in the 
temporary directory; on Linux that will be /tmp and on OSX it will write it to an 
oddly-named directory that can be found using the $TMPDIR environmental variable.
The tail end of it will indicate the success or failure of the transmission of 
the crash report to the NRAO:

CrashReportPoster:: Upload to succeeded.
Cleaning up files.
... done at Tue Nov  8 14:28:52 2016

-- JimJacobs - 2017-02-03
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