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For Red Hat 6 builds, these instructions are your best bet: https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/Software/CASAInstallFromSource

Checking out CASA from version control

The complete repository can be checked out from: https://open-bitbucket.nrao.edu/scm/casa/casa.git

The repository uses submodules so you must use the --recursive option:
git clone --recursive https://open-bitbucket.nrao.edu/scm/casa/casa.git 

Setting up the build environment

CMake Flags

Intel Compiler CMake Flags


Common build steps

Checkout source:

Subsystems: casacore, code, gcwrap
cd <subsystem>
mkdir build && cd build
cmake <cmake flags> ..

Note: With casacore you also need to do
make install

The build process runs on a single core by default. To use more core you can use the -j flag. For example
make -j 8

Q & A

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