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Shall we include CAS-6294 : upgrade DBus to 1.8.0 ?

-- ScottRankin - 2014-03-18

Shall we include CAS-5776 : Linux distro of release 4.2 should contain complete set of include files

-- ScottRankin - 2014-03-18

Shall we include CAS-3482 : CASA distribution for OSX should contain the casacore include files (like the Linux distribution)

-- ScottRankin - 2014-03-18

Re: CAS-6294

This is not strictly required for a CASA 4.2.1 release package, but this relatively small 3rd party package change will give us a chance to work through a more disciplined approach to updating CASA 3rd party packages on a smaller scale.

-- ScottRankin - 2014-03-18

Re: CAS-5776 and CAS-3482.

These are not strictly required for a CASA 4.2.1 release package, but they are LONG over due, and this kind of work keeps being pushed off the schedule in favor of more urgent work.

-- ScottRankin - 2014-03-18

Per Mark: CAS-6037 is definitely needed as a patch in advance of the summer school in May.

CAS-5699 may also need to be included (ask Lindsey).

-- RobSelina - 2014-03-18

CAS-6294, CAS-5776, and CAS-3482 do not meet the criteria of "necessary and well-tested bug fixes", as they are incomplete. I withdraw the suggestion to consider these tickets.

-- ScottRankin - 2014-03-19
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