Requested Patch Features (for ALMA Cycle 2)

  • Changes to the handling of WEIGHT and SIGMA as described in Weights.pdf. Changes in accordance with Phase I of the Implementation plandescribed in the document.
  • Flagging Fixes
  • Fix to the application of flags in calibration (by George).
  • Bug fixes to Setjy (by Tak).
  • Bug fixes to the Viewer
  • Fixes/features in PlotMS
    • Automatically generate multiple pages for hardcopy.
      • CAS-6169: Plotms-Generate multiple pages for hardcopy
      • Allows for calibration plotting and other features in the Pipeline.
      • Need hardcopy per iterations, e.g. if the pipeline is iterating over antennas, we would like to option of generating one plot file per antenna. Pipeline will address the arrangement and rendering of those plots.
    • Framebuffer issue resolution (by Darrell)
  • Plotbandpass fixes (from Todd).
  • Single-dish features & fixes:
    • Interface changes to single dish tasks.
      • CAS-5526 and its sub-tickets: Re-design single dish task interfaces
      • These are major changes to most of SD tasks to make task interfaces close to the other CASA tasks. ACA total power telescopes are about to start observation which means people are going to start using single dish tasks in CASA. It is better switching to new tasks sooner than the later so that users can get started with new SD tasks.NOTE there are a couple of developments that the new tasks depend on, i.e.,
        • CAS-5841: Make the scan numbers between scantable, asdm, and MS consistent ... All new unit tests are affected by the change
        • CAS-5842: Make sd.splitant available in sdsave ... the new sdsave task depends on the development.
    • Provide a way to fill the WEIGHT(_SPECTRUM) column in single dish MS.
      • CAS-6181: SD processing needs to incorporate ata weights.
      • This is a counterpart of CAS-6129 in interferometer task.
    • Enable channel selection in Tsys calibration.
      • CSV-2986: SD calibration in CASA is not adequately removing the effects of atmospheric lines.
      • Band-7 observations by ALMA are affected by this issue.
  • Bug fixes and features in mstransform:
  • Isolated bug fixes that do not present an undue burden to merge from Trunk to the branch, and are both necessary and well tested.

Explicitly Excluded Features

  • New Imaging refactor code.
    • The CSSC requested that the weights implementation be released discretely from the imaging refactor to simplify testing.
  • Any experimental additions to the code.

Other Requirements

  • Timing:
    • Be available for ALMA Cycle 2 in June, 2014.
    • It is desirable that a limited patch be available for the Synthesis Imaging Workshop on 13-20 May, 2014.
  • Testing
    • Typical package acceptance testing for a CASA deliverable.
    • Typical user acceptance testing for a CASA deliverable.
      • Weekly test packages for evaluation.
  • Pipeline integration
    • Integration of the new PlotMS feature to generate hardcopy per iteration.
      • Calibration plotting.
    • Other features called for in the ALMA punch-list.

-- RobSelina - 2014-03-28
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